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The Paris Death Match
Regina: Oh, no you don't.
Wendy Kroy: Ooooh…someone's getting sensitive about the "C" word. Ooooh…
Regina: Julio! Bring Mommy a new cocktail. And this time, sport that suit of armor that Mommy brought you from the Tower of London.
Wendy Kroy: You are SO unfair.
Regina: Yeah, tell it to the judge, sister. Mommy's not listening.

Subbasement Of Dreams And Desires. Syd enters, all pissy about not being able to nab Khasinau. She wants to know if her countermission is to get the son of a bitch. Vaughn curtly informs her that it's not. Syd blathers on about how it should be her mission to get the son of a bitch. Agent All Business And No Pleasure tells her that SD-6 can't be allowed to get their hands on the Rambaldi pages, then hands her counterfeit pages that she'll have to switch with the ones that Dixon's going to steal from Khasinau. Syd's all, that's it? That's all? I'm going to go to Paris and all I'll get are those lousy invisible pages? Agent Animosity is all, yep, that's it. Any questions? Syd's all, uh, no. And by the way? What in the HELL is your problem? Agent Animosity's all, no problem here. Any questions? Syd's all, I believe I just ASKED you a question, dinkus. What is your PROBLEM? Why're you acting all cold and cruel and cantankerous? Agent Animosity's all, I'm fine, Princess. I'll see ya around some time. He leaves, and Sydney looks around the room for the real Vaughn.

St. Somewhere Else Hospital. Sloane's hanging with Auntie Em, cooling her brow with a damp cloth. She's telling him that she couldn't go through all this without him. Sloane babbles something about her pain management, but Em just cuts him off, saying that she doesn't want to die in the hospital. She wants to be at home when she bites it, and she wants him to promise to make that happen. Sloane lies that he promises.

Paris. City of Light. City of Pastry. City of Hot Guys With Killer Fashion Sense. Dixon and Syd -- who is dressed up to resemble a slightly less feminine Lypsinka -- approach the back door to Khasinau's club. In particularly awful French, Dixon informs the doorman that the lovely lady in drag to his left is the evening's entertainment, and could they kindly enter the club? The doorman runs an airport sensor thingy over Dixon and gets a signal that Dixon's holding something, and Dixon pulls out his cell phone. The doorman lets it pass. He does the same to Sydney and gets a signal when he comes across a rather hideous ring. In her trademark horrific French, Sydney informs him that it belonged to her grandmother.

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