Reprisal (1)

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One down, one to go

The first title card we see is one that says "Sydney," and I have to admit that I laughed out loud at that one. Sydney in Sydney! HA! Sydney walks down some steps at what looks a hotel. She's not in any kind of disguise. Unless, of course, you consider a frilly dress and softly curled hair a disguise. Syd sits at the bar and orders a martini. Sitting a ways down the bar is Spongehead Squarejaw and Syd reports in to Jack that she has visual confirmation. Dude? He knows what you look like. Or maybe I just didn't SEE him looking at Page 47 in the last episode, huh? That must be it. I'M BLIND. This show has MADE ME BLIND.

Sydney pulls a lipstick out of her cleavage (of which we get an extreme closeup -- hee) and shoots a picture of Squarejaw. She goes to leave, but overhears the maitre d' talking to a couple whose names she recognizes from the list of Prophet Five aliases. Syd tells Jack about this and she says she's going to try and get pictures of them. "Don't risk blowing your cover," says Jack. What cover? The peach lipstick and frilly dress cover? Because as a cover, it SUCKS.

Rome. Dixon's hanging out in a cab out in front of a building. Jack checks in with him and Dix tells him his target is just arriving. Unfortunately, an Italian guy walks up at the wrong moment and wants a ride in Dix's taxi. Dix tells him in Italian to take a flying leap. Dix's target exits her car, Dix gets his picture, and his assignment is over.

Bangkok. Marshall's hanging out in a sauna wearing a t-shirt and a towel and getting very strange looks from the men surrounding him. Heh. He claims that the reason he's in a tee is because he has a bad skin condition, but since the men surrounding him most likely don't speak English, he probably needn't have bothered. A man enters, and Marshall takes a picture of him with his watch and quickly exits.

Siberia. Getty's hanging out in a gatepost, drinking coffee and bitching about always getting the assignments that involve hypothermia. Why is that, he wonders aloud. "Because you're always late to briefings," quips Jack. Heh. A car approaches and Getty takes their papers. He quickly scans one of their passports with a device and hands it back.

London. Vaughn's on a rooftop, getting ready to take another Prophet picture. A truck gets in the way, so Vaughn runs downstairs and hides the camera in his jacket and walks by the target, easily taking his picture.

Back with Sydney, she knocks out a waitress and steals her uniform. Jack checks in with Syd and tells her he needs to sign off. Syd says she can handle this without him and wishes him luck. He gets out of his car and walks up the steps to the Capitol building. He turns in front of a group of men and asks a passing civilian to take his picture "for [my] granddaughter." The person obliges and, after instructing Jack to smile, something he rarely does and certainly won't do on command from a stranger, gets a shot of Jack and the guy behind him, which is the point, of course.

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