Reprisal (1)

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One down, one to go

Syd heads out into the party, and the maitre d' gets all up in her business and Syd has to fake an explanation about covering for "Debbie" and the guy buys it, but before Syd can get the shot of the Prophet people, the bartender discovers Debbie's downed body and he tattles on Syd. She knocks down the maitre d' and flails off with two guards in pursuit. She runs up to the rooftop, hooks herself up to a relay, jumps off the roof, and manages to take a picture of the Prophet duo who just happen to be sitting in front of the window that Syd just happens to be flinging past. Heh. Totally implausible, but totally fun. Just what I like about this show. We cut to Sydney, walking into the Conference Room of Endless Expositions. She sticks up the pictures she took and turns to Jack and Marshall. "Now we know who we're fighting," she says with steely determination.

And now? Now is the time on Alias when we dance. For the very last time.

After the break, we catch up with the Appleseed Gang as Jack briefs them on The Twelve. He says that their global influence is…well, global. Yes, he really says that. I certainly hope Victor Garber was heavily drunk during this scene because that's the only way I can see him getting through some of these lines without going, "Really? NO REALLY? 'Their global influence is GLOBAL'? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Thank GOD this is over. MORE MARTINIS."

Getty asks why they don't just make their move and start arresting the members. Jack says they can't because if they arrest them individually, they run the risk of tipping off the others. Jack tasks Marshall with creating a program that can track the movements of all the members. "Oh, no problem," says Marshall. "That should only take me…a lifetime." Jack shoots him a look. Marshall says he'll get right on that. Heh. Syd asks, "What about Sloane?" Jack says they're working under the assumption that Sloane is working for The Twelve. "We take them down," says Jack, "and we get to him."

Speaking of "him," Sloane's hanging out in some dark room somewhere, flanked by his minions. Peyton holds out her hand for the amulet that Syd took from the Rose Rambaldi guy, saying that The Twelve is expecting it. Sloane thinks that, before they hand it over, they should get some leverage with it, correctly assuming that the second Prophet Five has the amulet, their use for the three of them will disappear. Peyton is surprised by his boldness, asking a Prophet Five asset to team up with him on a side deal. Sloane says that, sure, she could walk out of here and spill the plan to The Twelve. "But you won't," sneers Sark. He says that she's like him; she has good instincts and she's in it for the dollars. She'll be well compensated for her part. "So," smirks Peyton. "Does he come with the package?" Ha! Sark glances at her with a raised eyebrow and a quirk to his mouth, as if to say, "Oh, now, really!" Hee. Peyton asks what Sloane has in mind. We don't find that out until later.

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