Reprisal (1)

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One down, one to go

Marshall's sitting at a laptop when Sark escorts Rachel in. She's shackled and has burn marks on her temple and chest. Ugh. Marshall shoots Sark a look and, oddly, Sark kind of guiltily looks at Rachel. Aw. He has a heart! Kind of! It's black as coal and the size of a pinto bean, but it's a heart! Sark tells Rachel that she's to help Marshall in the task at hand and Marshall tells her he got the go-ahead from Sydney. Then he says that he's going to do this and unless she helps him leapfrog the system, it won't work. "Leapfrog?" says Rachel. "We'll have to make sure we're not detected," says Marshall, "or they'll shut us out." Sark looks down at them like his pretty little blond head just can't be bothered with geekery such as this. Rachel suddenly gets what Marshall is saying and responds that they'll have to open a bunch of ports and stay in each one of them no longer than fifteen seconds. Marshall, relieved that she gets what he's trying to tell her, agrees. They get to work.

Apple Store. Vaughn informs Carrie that Marshall is fine. But then he asks her what Marshall might have meant when he mentioned Littlest Fish during the phone call. Carrie says the book is about a boy with a goldfish for a friend and that the fish's name is "Noah." Suddenly, Carrie says, "N.O.A.A.! National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They monitor weather patterns, ecosystems --" "He's using a state-of-the-art satellite network," breaks in Vaughn. "Maybe Sloane's trying to get them to hack in." Carrie says she can somehow monitor the hack; if she can detect them, she can pinpoint their location.

Marshall and Rachel are sweatily at work at their laptops when Sloane enters and asks if they're making progress. They are. Carrie notes that someone's sending out a massive amount of signatures and she realizes that it's Marshall and that he's intentionally setting off the security protocols. Vaughn asks if she can get their location. We switch back to Rachel, who's just found this "cavern" Sloane was talking about. It's in central Italy, and when she zooms out of the frame, Sloane gets this evil look on his face and says, "I should have known." He exits and Marshall calls out after him, "What happens now?" "Good work!" says Sloane, waving behind him as if dispelling a fart. "As usual!" Marshall and Rachel share a look like, "Okay, we're totally dead now." Carrie locates them in Mexico and the team heads out to rescue them.

Minutes later, Sloane gets off the phone and says that The Twelve are convening. Peyton says they should get going. Sark says that perhaps they should reconsider their plans for the prisoners. Aw! See? There's that kidney-bean-sized heart again! "Don't tell me you're getting sentimental," quips Peyton. "Or do you just have a thing for blondes?" Sark gets this awesome look on his face like, "I do. But I also have a thing for brunettes. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I have a thing for you. And I never will. Don't cry. It's not personal. It's just business." Heh. Sark says it seems unnecessary and Sloane says it isn't open for discussion. Man, he really has turned fully to the dark side. "Eliminate them," he says, and walks off.

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