Reprisal (1)

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One down, one to go

A henchman with a neck the size of a Ford pickup truck enters Rachel and Marshall's room, and Marsh immediately knows their number is up. He babbles about his wife and Mitchell and how he wants another child, maybe a girl, and the henchman just lifts his gun and cocks it. Rachel's up in a flash, hitting him in the neck, grabbing his gun and turning it back on him, shooting him three times in the chest. Heh. "Oh my god!" gasps Marshall. "That was the coolest thing I've ever seen! That was Empire Strikes Back cool!" Hee. Also, I'm totally taking that as a shout-out because it's my favorite film of the series and, even though I've never mentioned that here, I'd like to think that, as crack-addled as they sometimes are, the writers and I are connected telepathically. Feel the love. Rachel unlocks them both and they run down a hallway, only to meet Syd and Getty, who seem to have jumped into a pneumatic tube and arrived in Mexico thirty seconds before they left. Or something. Time travel! It's what's for dinner.

Syd hollers at them both to get down and then she shoots the shit out of some henchmen. Marshall hugs her and Getty helps up Rachel, who doesn't give him a hug, but a look of gratitude. Show him your boobs, Rachel! Come on! Man's about to DIE! Dix and Vaughn, also having traveled via pneumatic tube, arrive on the scene and inform everyone that Sloane has left the building. He's probably traveling via TARDIS to central Italy.

Apple Store. Carrie informs Jack that Marshall's tracking program has picked up the gathering of The Twelve. Something's going down. Sydney calls Jack and tells him that Marshall and Rachel are safe, and he relays this info to Carrie. She weeps. Syd tells Jack about the absent Trio of Eeeeevil and Jack tells her to head to Zurich to check out the meeting of The Twelve. "This is what we've been waiting for," says Sydney. "We can bring them all down." Jack tells her that it's almost over. Yes, it certainly is, Jack. In more ways than one. Thank god.

Marshall's regaling Dix, Vaughn, and Getty with his amazing tale of the Day He Told Sloane To Cut Off His Hangnail while Rachel looks on in amusement. Everyone indulges him until Sydney asks about the cave-mapping in Italy. Marshall mentions that Sloane said the thing about how he should have known, and Syd and Vaughn share a look. Syd asks Rachel where in Italy they were looking, and she tells her Umbria. "Mount Subasio," says Sydney. "Dad's team can handle The Twelve in Zurich. But if they're going after something in Mount Subasio, I'm going to beat them to it." Vaughn says he's going with her.

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