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Syd enters, looking absolutely delicious in a strappy red dress. By the way, she far outshines Mrs. Elephant in this scene, beauty-wise, and I almost feel like it's deliberate on the part of the producers. Like, Melissa George is not an unattractive girl, right? She's got a little buck-teeth action going on, but then, so does Jennifer Garner, kind of, and for that matter, so the hell do I. But they have George in a plain black top, plain khakis, and her hair pulled back. Garner's in a stunner of an outfit and her hair is lovely. It's no surprise, then, that Vaughn literally starts drooling the second he sees her. Mrs. Elephant tries to draw his attention back to her, and they make out right in front of Syd. WE GET IT. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH, THEY'LL MAKE OUT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. WE GET IT. God.

Mrs. Elephant finally leaves the room with half her husband's lower lip in her teeth, and Syd and Vaughn follow her toward the exit. There's a nice moment as Vaughn, out of habit, goes to put his hand on the small of Syd's back, remembers that he really shouldn't do that anymore, and then drops his hand. I mention it because it's one of the FEW NICE MOMENTS IN THE SHOW, and I feel it deserves its moment in the sun.

Little Shop of Image Corrupters and the Spy Daddies Who Love Them. Computer Geek delivers the goods. And…scene. No, really. There's all sorts of explanation and computer geekery going on, but all you really have to know is that, in order to make the program work, Jack has to upload it on a computer with administrative privileges. Or something. Somewhere. Look, flying pigs!

Science Ministry. Pretty people. Everywhere. Vaughn and Syd speak to a couple of dudes in Russian. Syd shakes one of their hands and holds it a moment too long, just so we all know that she's doing something spy-like there. They go to stand by some hall, and Vaughn announces to her that they have a minute 'til the guards in the hall change over. Syd goes to get some champagne for, like, no reason other than to cross the room and give Vaughn the chance to stare at her for, like, TEN MINUTES. As their eyes meet, they each give each other a sort of sad smile, and they are SO gettin' it awwwn by Episode Five.

Seconds later, the guards change over; Vaughn plugs something into the hall socket and it screws with the lights. They go out and come back on. This surge allows Syd and Vaughn to access the inaccessible area, I guess. They get to some elevators, and Syd hands Vaughn a rubber glove. Hee. Again, because I am FIVE. Vaughn dons one of the cut-off glove fingers, which has the minister's print on it, and it allows them access to the restricted elevator. They enter and the doors close.

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