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Hey, guess what? MARSHALL DOESN'T RENDER THE IMAGE. Oh, except for the forehead part, which, considering the Bristow forehead, should really be enough to identify ANY member of the Bristow clan. Back with Syd and Vaughn. They escape through an air vent just as the fire races up to them. Yeah. Didn't see that one coming. Yawn.

Spy Daddy shows up just in time for Marshall to deliver the bad news. What bad news, you say? Why, the bad news that MARSHALL COULDN'T RENDER THE IMAGE. Jack's all, so, uh, what? We can't ID Lazarey's killer? Dix is all, oh, like YOU don't know. He storms off. Jack snits something at Marshall about keeping up the good work. Marshall just sweats onto his keyboard.

Oops Center. The next day or something. Vaughn enters. He sees his wife. She races over to him, and they embrace. Yeah, because that's PROFESSIONAL and everything. The Terrible Triangle gets briefed by Dix that the Kremlin officially denies that Medusa even exists, but they unofficially confirm that it's been destroyed. "Great work," he says, patting them all on the back. "Now go home. And get some sleep."

Wendy Kroy: What, together? They're all going to sleep together? That seems a little…inappropriate.
Regina: Inappropriate, no. More interesting than this episode? Hell yes.
Rona: Oh, the Elephants are SO gonna go home and have "I'm glad you're not blowed up, baby!" sex.
Regina: Dude. Don't EVER say that again. EVER.

Syd rambles over to her desk. Spy Daddy walks up to her and tells her that he took care of their little problem. Syd's all, oh, thanks, Daddy. You're the best. See you next time you're onscreen for thirty seconds! Syd finally makes it to her desk, and there's a present waiting for her. Alice in Wonderland. Syd starts to cry. Okay, I'll give her that one without any snark. She deserves it. I'd cry too.

Agent Sean walks up and tells her that it's only a third edition. Syd sort of cries/laughs. She's all, thanks! Agent Sean's all, yeah, I was gonna get you the first edition, but it was, like, forty bajillion dollars. Syd just stops his rambling with a big emotional hug. Aw. He sort of pats her back and then leaves as Syd looks lovingly at the book. Aw again.

Next on Alias: This shit finally gets better. Namely, in the form of one Justin Theroux and what looks to be a ragingly bad-ass Sydney. Yee and HAW.

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