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Vaughn picks up a headset as Mrs. Vaughn watches jealously. She DOES. Vaughn directs Syd out of the market. Syd heads to the exit. Unfortunately, Oransky picks himself up a nice young girl and puts a gun to her head, dragging her out into the open marketplace. He's all, Gringo in the Marketplace! Eh? Poncho? You know who you are. Well, it's certain that WE all know who she is.

Syd finally comes out, gun pointed. Oransky points his gun at the girl. Okay, let's just end this quickly. It's orange-tinted and obviously borrowed from the production of Traffic, so it's safe to say that A) we ain't in Mexico City and B) this girl ain't gonna die. Syd and Oransky go back and forth, and the only thing that makes this entirely annoying and useless scene come to an end is when Vaughn speaks to Syd and tells her, after seeing Oransky's earpiece, about some mission in Thailand. "Chai Son," he says. "Get ready. I'll tell you when." As the already fumingly jealous Mrs. Vaughn watches, Vaughn and Marshall work together to figure out the frequency of Oransky's earpiece.

Back in Mexico City, Syd kicks her gun over to Oransky. Oransky wants Syd to kick over her surveillance gear as well. Syd's all, yeah, might wanna hand over the girl first. Oransky's all, um, yeah, I'll just take that surveillance gear and THEN we'll talk about the girl. Meanwhile, back at Oops Center, Vaughn and Marshall have pinpointed Oransky's earpiece frequency. Vaughn's all, can you boost a feedback loop? Marshall's all, how loud? Vaughn's all, 180 dbs. Marshall's all, oh yeah. Mrs. Vaughn's all, MY HUSBAND USED TO SLEEP WITH THIS WOMAN AND I STILL DON'T HAVE A NORMAL ACCENT.

And again in Mexico City, Oransky's demanding that Syd toss over her sunglasses with the camera in them. Syd finally removes them and tosses them over. Oransky stomps all over them. Then he's all, yeah, okay, we're gonna walk outta here. You, me, and the girl. Vaughn's on Syd's earpiece going, "Just a second. Almost there." Which would be pornographic if Vaughn weren't so dickless this season. Suddenly, Vaughn gives Marshall the "now" signal and Marshall hits a button, and the frequency hits WAY too high a level in Oransky's earpiece, as well as in the earpieces of his henchmen. Syd dispatches the henchmen fairly quickly and shoots Oransky in the shin. He runs off as Syd is dealing with everything else. After the dust clears, she informs base ops that Oransky got away.

Sean removes his earpiece, sighs. Vaughn removes his earpiece, sighs. He turns to Mrs. Vaughn and smiles. She smiles right back at him. Oh, like, what? She wasn't JEALOUS during that exchange? She SO WAS.

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