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The bitch is back.

Irina goes to clean up, and Nadia gets up and hands Irina the bag with her clothes in it. Irina just says thanks and heads on back to the bathroom. "Just some clothes," Nadia whispers, hesitatingly. Irina suddenly turns, the look on her face one of "Oh my god." Nadia smiles at her. "Oh!" says Irina, breathing. Nadia starts crying. Irina moves to her, touches her face, and then pulls her into her arms. "Oh…sweetheart…" says Irina. "Mom," says Nadia. Aw. You know, it's actually harder to recap scenes like this because they're so good, words can't really do them justice. I mean, yeah, they're not Shakespeare in the Park or Strindberg or anything, but they're really emotional and well-built and the performances are brill. It's easier to recap when the acting's over the top and the dialogue sucks, but scenes like this just end up with me transcribing and then having to go back and watch them over and over again so I can just…enjoy them. Sorry. S'true.

Apple Store. Angela Bassett enters in slo-mo, the tufts of her wicked haircut silhouetted against the lights. She runs into Vaughn and the action speeds up as she asks him if there's anything new. Nope. Nothing. He asks if Langley has anything new. Nope. Nothing. Angie asks where Jack is, and Vaughn says he's not around. Angie's all, WHAT? He's acting director on this task force, beeyotch! Where's he at? Vaughn's all, uh, I don't know. I just work here. Don't hit me. Then he tells her that Jack's on a tactical mission to rescue Irina Derevko and Angie's all, HE'S DOING THE WHAT WITH THE WHO? Then her face suddenly gets this look like, OH. She's alive. That's. Wow. Heh.

Plane of Awkward Family Reunions. Jack's giving his girls the rundown on getting into Sevogda. Basically, entry into the place will be difficult at best. Irina enters, all cleaned up and looking a billion times more beautiful than any woman who's been drugged up and left for dead in a pit has any right to look. She takes a seat and immediately notes where the device has been activated. She says that Elena and Sloane will have to hole up somewhere safe, away from the Mueller Device. Perhaps a bunker or a warehouse. Wherever it is, it'd be a fortified location. Jack goes to get the Bat Phone and he sounds mighty pissed at what he's hearing. When he gets off the phone, he tells everyone that Langley gave orders to divert their plane. No one really says anything at all.

The plane lands in the middle of nowhere and a shitload of cop cars are there to greet them. I honestly don't remember any of this at all. See? This is what happens when you drink while watching the episode: every time you see it again, it's like it's brand new! On the plane, Syd's trying to tell some CIA hacks that her mother is helping them, so easy on the shackles. The hacks are all, yeah, like we care. We get to earn our SAG cards AND touch Lena Olin. Screw the Big Red Ball! Irina gets carted off into custody and everyone heads back to the Apple Store.

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