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The bitch is back.

Syd stalks through the office and heads right into Angie's office. She's all, nice job on the taking my mom into custody thing, JACKASS. Angie's all, bitch, your mother is an enemy of the state. Syd's all, dude? SHE CAN DISARM CLIFFORD. Angie's all, the woman KILLED people. Syd's all, yeah yeah yeah. She killed my fiancé's dad too, okay? I get it. And if this were any other time, I'd say go for it! Interrogate her! Slap her around! Have fun! But now? CLIFFORD. Need I say more? Angie's all, oh, shut up, you teenager. The matter is under control. It's being handled. Syd's all, uh, how? By whom? And does he have a bunny in that bag, because this shit's gonna take a damn magician to fix it. Angie says the Russians are preparing an air strike, because if there's anything we've learned, it's that air strikes really work! "An air strike," says Syd, "will release deadly toxins into the atmosphere and the results would be catastrophic."

Suddenly, Sydney realizes something. "This is what Elena wanted," she says. Elena knew the Russians would pull an air strike. Syd wants to go in there and disarm the device. Angie says she's not gonna trust Irina Derevko, no way, no how. Syd launches into an air strike of her own and says that when Angie brought her into the Apple Store and put her under Sloane's direction, she asked Syd to trust her. And she did. And then Sloane had full access to the CIA and all its resources and doesn't she feel real good about that right now? Huh? Syd makes a final plea to let her mother put an end to all this. "This time you'll have to trust me," says Syd. The next thing we see is Irina being led into the Apple Store as Jack waits for her. She's taken to him and her shackles are removed. "Come with me," says Jack. Oooh, baby.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Jack tells Irina that she can go with them to help disarm the Clifford, under the condition that when they catch Elena and Sloane, Irina will return to CIA custody to serve out her sentence. "Life in prison," says Irina calmly. "Yes," says Jack, sliding over a document for her to sign. Irina doesn't even blink. She just takes the pen and signs. "How's your jaw?" she asks. "I've been through worse," he gruffs. "Jack," she says, "I understand why you believed you had to kill me, but the truth is, if the situation had been reversed…I would have found another way." "I can't imagine this will give you any comfort considering what you've been through but," says Jack, "the truth is, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't regret what I did." Irina looks calmed by this. "And of my indiscretion with Sloane," she says, her mouth twisting in disgust as she says his name, "I can only hope you'll accept my apology." "Of all the things you've done," he says, "that's what you're going to apologize for?" Hee. Irina looks at him and smiles. And then…JACK SMILES BACK AT HER. Heh! Nice. They're so twisted and awesome. "You're going to enjoy getting to know Nadia," he says. "She's exceptional." Irina smiles proudly and then delivers the zinger: "I wonder where she got that from?" D'oh! Jack looks at her like, the huh? Waaaaaiiiit…what? Heh. Nadia's totally his.

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