Search And Rescue

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The bitch is back.

Okay, that was just weird. Hot, but weird.

Back in present day, Jack's thinking it was weird too. Especially the purple orchid. What was UP with that shit? As Jack's pondering the oddness of female hair accoutrements, his daughter enters the Apple Store via her secret gateway. They walk directly to each other, and Jack asks how Dix is and has his story changed? Syd says he's stable and no, Dix still swears he saw Syd's dead mother walkin' and talkin' in Prague. Syd thinks Dix is delusional. Jack thinks Dix may be onto something. "Dad, you killed her!" says Syd. "I killed a woman I believed to be your mother," he says, all too reasonably. "Sound familiar?" He goes on to talk about Project Helix and Syd thinks this all sounds a wee bit too convenient. They need Irina and here she is, just dangled right in front of them. Syd thinks that Elena's manipulating them to go after Irina, even though she's dead. Jack thinks that Syd might be afraid to hope that Irina's alive, because it could be a false hope. "Maybe it's easier for you to believe that Mom's alive than to live with what you did," says Syd. Jack digests this, his upper left cheek twitching with annoyance, and says that whatever the hell Sydney thinks, they're still pursuing every damn lead, so she'd better get on that Irina-may-be-alive scenario, okay?

Syd goes stalking into the office and I swear, for a second there, she looked like both Nadia AND Irina. Bizarre. Speaking of Nadia, she stops Syd and asks after Dix. Syd stops to talk to her and we catch up with Vaughn as he walks and talks on the phone with the DCI. Marshall hollers that he has something and Vaughn walks over to see what it is. Marshall has some data blocks that are still intact from the DSR break-in, which means they can positively ID some of Elena's buddies. The Apple Store is in general chaos, with everyone on the phone or chatting or walking or walking and chatting at the same time. Syd gets on the phone and digs up every flight manifest to and from Prague. We see a picture of her mother up on her computer screen and can deduce that Syd's trying to track down her un-corpse of a parent.

Elsewhere at the Apple Store, Weiss is instructing his boyfriend Vaughn to shit or get off the pot already in regard to asking Syd to marry him. Weiss is all, dude. You ask her? Vaughn's all, dude. Now is not the time. Weiss is all, oh, what? When would be time? It's not like you have a ring burning a hole in your pock-- oh. You DO have a ring burning a hole in your pocket. Nice. Vaughn looks totally embarrassed by this realization and Weiss makes it worse by totally laughing at him. Hee.

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