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The bitch is back.

"Well, what's the point?" asks Vaughn. "Besides being the weirdest terrorist attack in history?" Hee. Good question, Vaughn. Jack says that their point remains a mystery, but perhaps the city is a strategic vantage point for them or something. Vaughn pipes up that Sydney's destroyed a Mueller device before, and Syd looks at him like, yeah, dude. And remember how THAT turned out? Marshall says that this thing is totally toxic and if they destroy it, it'll be like draining a nuclear coolant plant times ten million. So that would be bad, no? Syd's all, I don't know how to dismantle this thing safely anyway; all I know how to do is blow it up and get Vaughn killed and I don't think that's really what we should be concentrating on right now. Jack says that he knows someone who can dismantle it: Irina Derevko. Vaughn asks how to find her. Jack says that Jonski flew to Ibiza very recently and that Syd and Vaughn should head there to find him and get him to talk. The sordid details in the files Jack flings at them should give them enough background material to come up with an effective way to get the skuzzy dude alone. "Do whatever it takes," says Jack, "but only if it doesn't involve you two talking dirty to each other while I listen. I can't be a part of that."

Weapon Hutch of Potential Proposals. Vaughn and Syd are equipping themselves for their mission. Vaughn's all, the usual? Syd's all, not with what I'll be wearing. Heh. Syd blabs something about how she had this feeling before, like she was going to pass out. She didn't know what it was. You're PREGNANT. It's called morning sickness. Look into it. But Syd thinks it's an overwhelming sense of dread. Vaughn moves over and kisses her gently and, for some reason, he thinks this would be the perfect time to launch into his version of a proposal. "We've been tasked to rescue a woman who killed my father -- your mother, who is supposed to be dead, by the way, and to disable a giant red ball floating over a Russian city." Heh. Vartan's barely keeping his giggles under wraps here. "Crazier things have happened," says Sydney. "That's kinda my point," he quips. "Syd, without you, I'd be lost. I mean, this world, this job, this everything -- it would make me insane." Syd just says that she knows. He takes her hands and says that they're gonna get through this. He reaches into his pocket and is about to get down on one knee and finally ask Sydney to marry him when GODDAMMIT MARSHALL STOP INTERRUPTING IMPORTANT MOMENTS.

That's right. Excuse Me For Interrupting But I Need To Geek Out For A Moment Marshall has arrived, yet again, to put a big ol' crimp in Vaughn's style. He asks if they're ready to roll and Vaughn just forgets about the proposal so he and Syd can get on with the job at hand. Syd runs off to confront Nadia about how she talked to Jack about the truth of Irina's death. Syd says that she's sorry about not telling her the truth; she was just trying to protect her. Oh, and protect her dad. Nadia, suddenly very, very cold, just says that it's no big deal, but she believes that their mother is alive, so Syd can take her apologies and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.

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