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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Oh, and by the way, I have GOT to get hold of Francinator's organizer. That woman is amazing. Not only can she pretend to be someone's clueless best friend while hypnotizing a cute boy into thinking he's having sex with her, but she can put together a mini-coup in less than twenty-four hours? If Syd's the Worst Spy Ever, than Francinator gets my vote as the Best Spy On The Planet.

Guns. Bullets. Dead guys. Dixon killing some of them. One of the enemy guys tries to extract Will from the bus, but an FBI agent shoots him in the back before he can complete the job. Will grabs a shotgun, gets out of the bus, and suddenly develops a miraculous ability to shoot a gun as if he's spent the last three years going to the rifle range twice a week. Once again, Bradley Cooper looks hot. He's wearing those prison pants that are far too short for him and his ankles are sticking out, so it's actually really funny, but with the gun? Hot, people. Sad, but true.

Will makes for the hills. Dix looks after him and at the carnage around him. Oh, got some 'splainin' to doooo...

Oops Center. Syd enters, frothing at the mouth. "You son of a bitch," she spits at Kendall. "You transferred Will to Camp Harris, even after we agreed to keep him here." Kendall's all, son of a bitch? Did you just...I know you didn't just call me that. Listen, sister, your daddy may be my boss right now, but that does NOT mean you can swan around here and call me names. "Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me like that?" Hee.

Syd's all, Will might be dead! Kendall's all, yeah? Well, dead or not, he arranged his own escape! Syd's all, what, from a HOLDING CELL? Kendall's all, worked pretty well for your Russian bitch of a mother. Syd's all, oh, will you get OVER your crush on her already? Dix is all, dude, I saw Will shoot a gun. And he looked goooood. Syd's all, are you sure it wasn't self-defense? Jack's all, uh, how 'bout y'all give us a few minutes, okay?

Everyone leaves, and Jack walks over to his daughter. Syd's all, sorry about the whole mouthing off to Kendall thing. Jack's all, oh, honey, I don't care about that. The man looks like a penis. He's nothing to me. But you do need to accept the fact that the guy in the cell may NOT have been your best platonic non-gay male friend. Syd's all, okay, um, I'm gonna quiver my chin here a bit and turn on the waterworks because, dude? If that's true, then Will's probably dead, and if Will's dead, I will FREAK the fuck OUT. Right here, right now, in Technicolor. Jack quietly assures his daughter that, as soon as they find that server farm or whatever, they'll let her know. Until then, go pop a few Valium, watch The Bachelor, and get some rest, for god's sake.

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