Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Empty Office Building Of Clandestine Bad-Guy Meetings. Irina's there with a briefcase full of money, and she's talking to some guy with an accent. He gives her a disc with the NSA blueprints she was looking for. Then he informs her that, even if she has the blueprints, she'll have to crack the new access control system. Irina looks subtly surprised at this announcement.

Demonic Double's Dwelling. Syd's obviously just performed her second Worst Spy Ever move of the evening, because Francinator's crying and saying something about how she just can't believe that Will's a clone. So, let's see...Syd has now told her evil roommate that A) she's a spy, B) Will's a clone, and C) Will's escaped. Jesus. What's she gonna pull for an encore? What, when Will calls from some random location, is she gonna tell him about the server farm in Europe right in front of Francinator? And when Will tells her that Clone Doc had a farm in Marseilles and that maybe it wasn't a pig farm but a server farm, is she gonna practically SHOUT "Marseilles?!" so that Francinator can put two and two together and know the precise location of the server farm so that, later, she can make it so Irina knows first and then beats Syd to the farm itself and fucks everything up?

Oh. Wait.

Yeah. Um. So Will calls, and he's panicked and dirty and scared, and Syd tries to get him to turn himself in, and Will claims he'd rather die first and that Syd screwed up his life but that he still loves her, and then Syd, even though she just told Francinator that there were certain things she wasn't authorized to talk about, blabs the entire server farm thing and the Marseilles thing and -- yeah. There ya go.

Wendy Kroy: Okay. Seriously? Worst. Spy. Ever.
Rona: She's not even bad enough to be the worst. She's just fucking lame.
Regina: Yeah, but she's cute. And she kicks all sorts of ass.
Wendy Kroy: Wait. Are you batting for the pink team now?
Regina: Um. No. But thanks for asking.
Rona: Most. Abysmal. Spy. EVER.

As soon as Syd leaves the apartment, Francinator buzzes Sark and tells him about Marseilles. He tells her to stay put, and that finding Will is her top priority. And apparently, Sark's top priority is to look really nifty in a brown Hugo Boss suit. Irina enters and Sark asks how her meeting went. She tells him about the NSA security stuff. Sark's all, oh, please. We've handled shit like that before. Irina's all, uh, nope. The old codes I got from Echelon won't work anymore. Then she says something about a time-synchronized key card or something. Sark's all, hmmm...perhaps a CIA agent, perhaps, under duress, could obtain such a key code? Irina snaps her head up. "I'm about to confess something that will either delight you -- which I hope is the case, that would be nice -- or it will make you furious," Sark says, speaking more words than we've EVER heard him speak before. "While you were away, Will Tippin was ordered to Camp Harris for unrestricted interrogation. They would have found out about our asset."

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