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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Irina's all, Sarkie? What'd you do while Mommy was away on business? Sark's all, uh, I kinda sorta ordered Will extracted and then killed. Irina's all, bad Sarkie! Bad boy! Sark's all, oh, whatever. Syd's on her way to Marseilles to the server farm to uncover evidence that will clear Tippin. Oh, and as a byproduct, she'll find out that Francinator is the clone. Not Will. Will? Not the clone. Francinator? The clone.

Irina's all, is Will dead? Sark's all, nope. At large. And cute. And if we recover the evidence in Marseilles before Sydney, we can force her hand. "Proof of Will's innocence in exchange for her aid in securing a key card," he finishes. Irina just looks at him as if to say, "Okay, I'm still mad about the whole 'extracted and killed' thing, but that's a really good plan, so you're off the hook. For now."

Random Street Of Tentative Father/Daughter Affections. Jack hands Syd a document and tells her that forensics proved Will's fingerprint was placed on the detonator after it was wiped down. Syd's all, this rules! Now we can prove he was framed! Jack's all, yeah, but it'll take hours to get Justice to approve our infiltration of the server farm. So, you know, you and Vaughn...head on over there anyway and start, like, infiltrating. Syd's all, but Kendall will report you! Jack's all, yeah, I'm aware of that. Syd's all, but, wait, if the DOJ finds out you initiated an op without -- "Sydney? I've been doing this longer than you have," he says, cutting her off. "I'm not cut out for management anyway." Aw. Syd plants a kiss on his cheek and smiles at him. And here's where Victor Garber shows us his acting chops and almost imperceptibly shifts his expression so that we see the slight melt that happens to his cold reserve. It's really fucking amazing.

Oops Center. Jack's fucking around with his computer, probably decoding the push-throughs from this past season with a special decryption code he developed back in 1978. Kendall walks up, all ready for a fight. He's like, dude? We have to talk. Jack's like, I'm already on top of it, my man. DOJ sanctioned me. I'm no longer in charge here. Kendall's all, uh, what? A month ago, you maneuver me out of my job, and now you're handing it back to me on a platinum Bee Gees record?

Jack's all, I belong in the field. And the Bee Gees rule. Kendall's all sweetness and light now that he's back in charge. He's like, dude. We can help each other. We don't have to be enemies. "I appreciate your magnanimity," sneers Jack. Kendall snidely laughs. "Well, now you're just mocking me." "Yes," says Jack, with almost no expression. Hee. "You know," says Kendall, still making nice-nice, "part of the reason I sent Tippin to Camp Harris was to protect Sydney." "Why do you think you have your job back?" glares Jack, stalking off. Hee again. And some more hee. Hee hee. I love these guys.

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