Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun
Regina: Methinks I doth need to lie down.

Okay, so after I rewound the tape nineteen times and freeze-framed it two hundred times, I was able to move on. Francinator's sitting next to Will on the bed, and it's clear that he's been hypnotized, because his poor little blue eyes are wrenched open with some Clockwork Orange-type of clamp. Francinator's droning on about how, from now on, any questions that anyone asks him, he'll remember some answers, forget others, and the more personal the question, the less he'll recall. Then she drops some shit in his eye. Ew. "In fact, the more you try to recall," she says, dropping some more shit in his other eye, "the more elusive they'll become." Damn. If Merrin Dungey's hair and makeup didn't look so ridiculously good right now, I'd really be disgusted by the Francinator. But she's so pretty, it's hard to hate her at the moment. Of course, now that she's SHOOTING LASERS INTO WILL'S PUPILS, I might have to change my mind. Ew! And, EW! And ew some more!

The next day, Will and Syd are enjoying a nice jog in the park when Syd tells Will that he passed his upper-level analyst test with flying colors. They blah blah some more about how this means that Will can apply for some special analyst position now, but I'm too busy watching the sweat trickle down the side of Bradley Cooper's neck. And I'm also too busy wondering why I can't get away with the whole "kerchief on the head" look that Syd's sporting right now. Complete with braids. I can't get away with it, people. I just can't. Braids make me look like Pippi Long-fucking-stocking. It's not right.

Suddenly, a couple of big-ass Ford SUVs come screeching up, and a bunch of FBI agents scramble out, guns flailing. Will's under arrest for suspicion of espionage. The agents cuff him and haul him off in one of the SUVs. Syd demands to know who ordered this, and the lead FBI dude is kind enough to inform her that it was dear old Spy Daddy.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Later that day, Syd's lost the Pippi look and is in the process of trying to declare Will's innocence. Spy Daddy's not buying it. Mainly because the CIA finally discovered those two satellite breaches where Francinator broke in and used the satellite for her own nefarious reasons. The first time, letting Irina escape in Panama, and the second time, zeroing in on the Tuscany shoot-out so Sloane could see who shot Auntie Em. Yeah. Bouillabaisse my ASS.

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