Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Meanwhile, Will gets his baby blues scanned. Yawn. Will. Not a clone. Later, Will's holed up in Mama Hari's Den of Delights, losing his shit about being branded a clone, as Syd informs him that the CIA is freaking out because someone breached the system and they're sort of on a witch hunt. And Will, he's a better-looking version of Elizabeth Proctor.

Will's all, what was that eye test all about? Syd's all, dude, it's a retinal scan. Clones develop proteins in their retinas. Oh, do they? Seeing as there are only two clones that we know of, one of whom is dead and the other we haven't yet identified, how, pray tell, would this "retinal protein" research have been carried out? I'm just curious. Oh, fuck it. Will. Not a clone. Even though that retinal scan discovered proteins. Nice work, Francinator.

As Will frantically tries to convince Syd that he's not a clone, Dix and Vaughn watch the action from the observation screens. Syd inexplicably brings up that time when she and Will got hammered and made out. Yeah. Personal questions. Know where this is going? Will remembers the kiss, but not the room in which it took place. The more he tries to remember, the more difficult it is to do, just like Francinator programmed. Will pleads with Syd to believe him. She's trying real hard, just like the good doormat she sometimes is, but it looks like she's having a tough time with this one.

Wendy Kroy: I don't give a damn if Will is a clone. He's still hot.
Regina: But he's not a clone. We know this. We know this because Francinator's the clone.
Wendy Kroy: I know that. I'm just saying that if Will WERE a clone, I'd still fuck him.
Regina: But. See. He's NOT a clone. Francinator's the clone. This is the dumbest fucking storyline EVER.
Wendy Kroy: Honey? No one gives a shit. Will's hot.
Rona: Are you two always like this?
Wendy Kroy: Of course. Why do you think we never invite you?
Rona: Thank you for that, by the way.

Oops Center. Jack orders Dix, Vaughn, and Syd to get the goods on Will. Syd's still on about his innocence. Dix thinks Syd's being a pill, and says that the info Will gave to Sloane led directly to Mrs. Dix's death. Yeah. Let's not forget that this is really ALL about Dix's dead wife. Shut up, Dixon. I mean, I love Carl Lumbly, but, dude, drop the dead wife thing already. Sorry. It's not that I'm not sympathetic. It's just that I simply DON'T CARE.

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