Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Before Syd can reach over and knock that huge rock labeled "VENGEANCE" off Dix's shoulder, he leaves, and Syd turns to Jack, declaring that, if someone wanted to set Will up, this would be the perfect way to do it. Then she drops a portion of her brain onto the floor and requests a special protection detail for Francinator. Dude. The clone. Will? Not the clone. Syd also wants to tell Francinator about Will. You know, how he's a clone in custody and everything. Jack's all, yeah, sure, that's fine. Go right ahead. It's not like Francinator's a GENE-SPLICED FREAK or anything.

Demonic Double's Dwelling. Syd's cryptically asking Francinator if she's noticed anything strange about Will recently. Like, has he started smiling one second, but then the minute you turn your back, the smile drops from his face and he gets this expression that closely resembles that of Linda Blair in The Exorcist? Or, you know, has he started putting bugging devices in TVs or giving weird gifts of ties to his friend's lover and then just sitting around, listening in on or watching his roommate have wild monkey sex? Anything like that? Francinator puts on a good performance and pretends to come up with a comment on how Will has been acting distant lately. Syd's all, for how long? Francinator's all, well, ever since he got back from his trip to Chicago. Okay, now, if I were really self-involved (not to mention delusional), I'd think that this was a direct shout-out to me. Dude. Chicago. Me. Here. I'm going to enjoy this little moment of personal attention and do my very own version of the Happy Dance.

Wendy Kroy: Don't do that. Ever.
Rona: Sweetie? Are you having a fit or something? That doesn't look...normal.

My happiness is momentary, however, because after taking in this Will intel, Syd promptly returns to The Land of the Seriously Sucky Spies and blabs to Francinator that she doesn't work for a bank. Yes, that's right, folks. Syd tells Francinator she's CIA. Francinator. Clone. Will. NOT CLONE. Sydney. Worst. Spy. EVER.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Jack does all the talking as he informs Syd and Vaughn that they got some crap off Will's computer that identified the man who invented the computer imaging equipment used by the clone doctor dude. Yeah, his name is Marcovic. But would YOU have known who he was if I just said his name? Didn't think so. And shut up. I'm only twenty minutes into this episode and I have A WHOLE OTHER ONE TO DO. So stop bugging me.

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