Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun

Right, so this computer guy, Hans Jurgens, invented this equipment that was used by Clone Doc to monitor the cloning patients during their gene therapy. Oh. And I care because…? That's right. Don't care. Syd surmises that, if they can get their hands on this Jurgens dude, he might be able to tell them the identity of the second double. Kendall shits all over this idea, basically saying that if Will ain't Will, then they can't trust his intel. Syd's all, but it IS Will. It's really him. Kendall's all, I am getting SO bored with your hunches. Syd just looks at him like, um, dude? My dad will SO kick your ass for saying that. Kendall realizes he just put his size eleven Rockport directly into his mouth and gets this hilarious expression on his face that's like, oh, fucking hell. And I was sitting right fucking next to Jack when I said it. Jesus, I must be drunk. Shouldn't have had all that ouzo for breakfast.

Kendall recovers quickly and hides his faux pas in a demand to have Will moved to some prison for unrestricted interrogation. Syd's all, but he's my friend! Kendall's all, like I care! Syd's all, you're a mean, mean man! Kendall's all, dude, Jack, help me out here. We can't keep letting your daughter's relationships call the shots around here. Syd's all, Daddeeeee! Kendall's all, oh, man -- someone spank her! Vaughn gets up and moves over near Syd's ass, hand at the ready, but Jack finally decides to join the conversation with, "FOR NOW TIPPIN STAYS HERE."

Hee. I love Angry Jack.

Kendall shuts up. Syd shuts up. Vaughn puts his hand in his pocket and takes his seat again. Jack hands out the operation briefing. Their contact will meet them in country. And by the way, the contact is totally superfluous, and the only reason for him being there is because he has a funny German accent. I'm totally convinced of this.

The Cell Formerly Known As Den Of Delights. Will's hanging out, pondering his protein-soaked retinas, when Dix shows up. Will's all, dude, I am SO glad to see you. Dix is all, save it, Clone-Boy. Then he hands Will a file with a bunch of horrific pictures of Dead Diane. Oh, and a copy of Will's fingerprint that was found on the remote detonator that was conveniently found amongst Will's things.

Rona: Oh, okay. That is just fucking stupid.
Wendy Kroy: Isn't Will cute when he's distressed?
Regina: I'm with you, Rona. What, you blow up a car and then you, what, toss the remote detonator in with your MP3 player and that copy of Maxim you keep telling everyone you only read for the articles?

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