Second Double

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Double Your Francie, Double Your Fun
Rona: I know! What is UP with that?
Wendy Kroy: Will's so cute.
Regina: Dude. Wendy. Give it up.
Wendy Kroy: Bite me, Belinda. Will's my baby.

Dix goes seriously apeshit on Will about finding Sloane. There's lots of yelling on Dix's part, and lots of groveling on Will's. Finally, Will claims that he'll prove to Dixon that he's not a clone. Yeah. We know that already. Will? Not the clone. God. Dix asks Will how they met. Will gets that answer right. But he fucks up on the next one, where they met. In all honesty, Will looks so upset at the fact that he can't remember stuff that, unless Dixon recently had his eyes poked out with toothpicks, he'd clearly be able to see that Will's not the clone. But then, we knew that already.

Dix, having had a fine plate of revenge for breakfast along with his cup full of animosity and his side order of trust issues, just up and grabs Will by the throat with one beefy hand and proceeds to strangle him. "You murdered my wife," he says calmly, as Will lamely struggles. " wife," he says, even calmer, his lip sneering. "You murdered..." Finally, Dix realizes that he's just about to do some murdering of his own, and lets Will go. Dix exits, leaving Will to sputter and spew and wonder why nice guys always, ALWAYS finish last.

Out in Oops Center, Dix straightens his tie as Kendall stomps over and informs him that Will's being moved to that interrogation place, and he wants Dix to supervise. Dix is all, uh, okay, but I thought Jack pooh-poohed that idea. Kendall's all, yeah, well, who CARES what Jack did, huh? He ain't here now, brother. And he's been overruled by the Department of Justice, okay? So get a move on!

Demonic Double's Dwelling. Francinator's chatting with Sark on her cell phone. Yeah. Because that wouldn't be tapped or monitored or anything. She tells Sarkalicious that the Worst Spy Ever broke her cover. Sark's all, she what? What kind of asstastic spy IS she? Francinator's all, I know! Can you believe it? What a fuckwit! Sark's all, yeah, totally. But don't forget, if Tippin talks, Syd totally gonna know you're a fake. I think. Maybe. I don't know. What're you wearing? Francinator's all, actually, I'm wearing a curvy little red top that accentuates my perky breasts very nicely, and a stunning red lipstick. But that's not important right now. What is important is that I found out they're moving Tippin to The Land of Interminable Interrogation, and once he's there, you won't be able to get your grubby little hands on him. Sark's all, oh, okay. Grab the Willage. Francinator's all, fine. And then? Sark's all, what do you mean "and then"? Kill the poncey little fruit.

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