So It Begins

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Been Around The World (tm Lisa Stansfield)

Vaughn is rattling off directions to his assistant, and includes an "if Alice calls..." when Porcine Boss walks in and tells him that although he's not in trouble, he's off the Bristow case, since Devlin has decided she's important and that the case needs a more senior officer. See? If Spy Daddy isn't Devlin I'll eat my...well, I'll probably just eat as I normally do, but I'd be very surprised. Porcine Boss tells Vaughn that he's to oversee some office presentation yadda yadda yadda.

Sloane's office. Spy Daddy enters and tells him that Sydney's been upset, so she took a few days off and headed up north, because she just needed to get away. Oh, yeah, that's totally believable. Sloane asks Spy Daddy if he's all right. Spy Daddy says of course. Sloane says, "You seem a little..." and as his voice trails off he shoots this gimlet-eyed stare at Spy Daddy, and it's the only believable minute of suspense in the entire damned show.

Egypt. The Techno Of Triteness plays. Sydney, looking very Mortal Kombat in a black burnoose, beats up some guards. She finds the nuke. The back-up guy responds to her instructions in a monotone. Sydney asks if he could not talk like such a robotron (I think). He deadpans, "Radio silence requested." She opens the nuke, guts it, and is holding its core in her hand when Hassan enters, pointing a gun at her head. DA DA DUM!

As Janet Jackson would say, "That's the end?"

Next week: A bunch of scenes with zero narrative continuity. Oh yeah, and that actress who played Sarge on Cleopatra 2525 shows up to play a rogue agent.

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