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Been Around The World (tm Lisa Stansfield)

So, thus far, we've seen that Sydney's kind of an incompetent doof of an agent; assumes way too much when she doesn't have the knowledge to back it up; and ignores the freakin' evidence in front of her eyes, i.e. if her dad's been a double-agent for his (we can assume) ENTIRE life, how the hell does she think she can bring down SD-6 in two months? Are we supposed to like her? I think the whole point of this scene is to make Sydney out to be a take-no-prisoners tough mamacita, but considering what an incompetent boob she came across as in the first episode, it's not working.

She gets ready to leave. Vaughn tells her to wait, then puts a happy-face smiley sticker on her arm. Is this some kind of weird CIA incentive program? Surely the government can afford better!

Oh. It's a Blood Drive wagon. You can tell this was filmed months ago, because if that were today, there might actually be people trying to get in the door to donate blood. Also, I'm going to PSA: hospitals need blood all the time, so please, even if you already donated (thank you) please remember that they will need donations again very soon. ["You can donate every sixty days." -- Sars]

Outside, Sydney looks pensive. And her hair looks much better than it did last episode.

God. We're barely at the OPENING CREDITS? Plop, plop, blip, blip, opening credits with the annoying highlighted letter "S."

Sydney's New Apartment. Complaint rock. Sydney, Best Friend, and Best Friend's Boyfriend help her unpack. Sad Sack Sidekick Will shows up late. He had to rewrite a story about a woman who's eating newspaper, and that it's a medical condition. There's some pointless dialogue to show us how cute and sassy this group of friends is. I hate Sad Sack Sidekick, and I hate his chin pubes, and I hate his mismatched bleached hair. Beards are especially weird when they're a totally different color from the hair on your head. Cuffs and collar need to match.

Sydney tells SSSWill that Charlie (Best Friend's Boyfriend) got an offer from a law firm. Best Friend tells him that they're having dinner on Thursday, and his presence is required. Why? Is the point of the dinner to have a miserable time?

Sydney's Bedroom/Bathroom Suite Of Perpetual Sorrow And Strife. SSSWill follows her in and starts harassing her about not telling him anything about what happened when she took his sister's passport and credit card. She tells him to lay off, that she took all that stuff because she was imagining things. SSSWill tells her that maybe she's not, and he can help investigate it. Personally, I think he's hoping to discover that Danny was part of a drug ring or was running child hookers out of Thailand so as to ruin forever the image of the man she loved, but maybe that's just me. Sydney tells him to back off, she's trying to get over what happened. Man! Could SSSWill be any more annoying?

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