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Been Around The World (tm Lisa Stansfield)

SD-6. The Red Flash Bulb Of Identification. Once again, Sydney is wearing a dowdy little black microfiber number. Apparently, the costume department is seeing the softer side of Sears. She enters the office, and everyone stares at her and barely makes a pretense of looking away. Marshall walks up and says, "Miss Bristow? Normally I don't get overly personal -- I don't like to cross that line, you probably don't know this about me, but I'm not really not much of a social person -- I mean, I like myself, it's just, I enjoy myself, it's just, I don't enjoy that kind of pressure when I'm by -- do you ever feel that?" So, Marshall's dialogue is a complete bitch to transcribe because so much of it depends on Kevin Weisman's stumbling, charming delivery, so if you have any complaints about the accuracy -- well, I'm not a stenographer, people!

Sydney half-smiles through his bumbling speech and says, "You can say anything you want to me." Something really is going on with her hair, because she looks so much more attractive in this episode than last. Maybe they used volumizer? Or mousse. By the way, did anyone know that mousse has made a comeback? I just recently tried some, despite my child-of-the-'80s trepidations, and I have to say, this is not your Older Sister's Mousse. It was like falling in love all over again! Anyway, Marshall says, "Okay, I just want to tell you that I'm really sorry about your fiancé, and it's nice to have you back." Sydney is touched. Marshall looks relieved. Marshall is sweet. I love him.

The Spy Staff Meeting Of Please, Please, Just Let Marshall Show Some Gadgets. Sloane tells us that files have been stolen from Foreign Intelligence, and that someone with the last name of Nabor, whom they've encountered before, is going to meet members of the Russian Mafia to possibly buy the documents that pertain to the Soviet-American nuclear arsenal during the Cold War. Sloane tells them they're leaving for Russia to stop the transaction and retrieve the documents. You know, unlike in the pilot, we haven't seen ONE SCENE of Sydney's so-called grad-student life other than her exiting the Blood Drive mobile. And once again let me refer to the posters in the forums who pointed out that being a grad student is pretty damned time consuming. When exactly is she supposed to be researching, studying, teaching, or grading papers? And, I mean, wouldn't it be hard enough for Sydney to have any sort of normal, fulfilling life? Making her a grad student seems completely pointless.

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