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Been Around The World (tm Lisa Stansfield)

Yay! Sloane clears the floor to let Marshall talk. Thank God. More Marshall, please. Marshall, in a note-perfect imitation of a school counselor and/or pediatrician, says, "Who here has trouble falling asleep at night, hmm?" He raises his hand. Sydney and Dixon mentally eye-roll, and Sydney gives a little fakey smile. Marshall: "Well, myself on occasion I find it difficult to nod off, mind racing, ideas, et cetera, so..." Marshall puts on a scary pair of leather-daddy gloves. He picks up a little blue drop thing between pincers and tells them all you need to do is touch it and "'s like freebasing Thorazine -- boom!" Dude, Marshall is my new best friend! That would be so great to have at a party. An annoying guest -- boom! Out like a light.

Sydney hides a grin. Marshall tells them it only works twice, so don't rely on it for a third time. Dixon, looking impatient, asks if they need to wear the gloves. Marshall says no, that you could put the droplet or whatever in a ring, or a cuff, or perhaps an attractive cufflink, but he's wearing the gloves because he handled one of the knockout pills by mistake and passed out for twenty minutes. Hee! He says he's trying to be Pavlovian about wearing the gloves when he's handling these puppies, "No pun intended." Okay, I love Marshall.

Dixon and Sydney walk back to their desks. Dixon breaks out his flask of expository dialogue and takes the tiniest of swigs, telling Sydney that he's sick of working when the bad guys just keep coming back. Sydney looks pensive. Sloane walks up and asks if he could see Sydney for a moment. He wants to know that she's all right. He wants to show her something. He leads her to a room and opens the door, saying, "I'll leave you two alone."

Well, hello, Spy Daddy! He says, "It's all right, the room's clean. No one's listening." would he know that, exactly? And isn't the whole point of the show thus far that you can't really know/trust anyone? KEE-rikey! Sydney asks why he's doing this. He says he's here to tell her what she already knows, since it makes their cover more believable. Um, how would that be, exactly? By alerting all of SD-6 that something weird is afoot? I mean, he spent his whole life hiding this from her, so wouldn't SD-6 think it's weird that he's revealing it NOW? I mean, when they kill someone's fiancé, I wouldn't feel too secure about them respecting the father-daughter bond, here. This script must look like a big piece of Swiss cheese when you hold it up to the light.

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