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Dude Looks Like A Lady -- A Ho-Type Lady

Vak specializes in targeting software that he calls "lasso technology," and Syd and Marshall jointly pipe up that this software would allow an incoming missile to be electronically intercepted and redirected, essentially "lassoing" it. Sloane says that based on Rachel's statement, Gordo's been trying to locate Vak for the past six months. Jack says that they're going to try to get to Vak first and then use him as bait for Gordo. Sloane brings up that Vak has partnered with an Algerian arms dealer in the past and that they should try to squeeze him for Vak's location. "The Algerian underworld is notoriously hard to penetrate," says Jack. "I think I know someone who can do it," says Syd. "Renée Rienne," says Jack. Who? Oh, you mean Élodie. Got it. Jack approves this course of action and tells Syd to get on the horn and see if Élodie can get a lead on Vak.

Meeting adjourned, Sloane corners Syd over by her desk and thanks her for the letter of recommendation she wrote for him. He then confesses that every day, he goes to the hospital, talks to Nadia's doctors, but can't set foot in her room. Ron Rifkin does this awesome lip quiver thing that is just barely noticeable, but that indicates just how upset Sloane is about his inability to go to his daughter's bedside. "I can't stand to see her hooked up to all those machines," he says, "knowing that it's my fault she's there." Syd seems genuinely touched by Sloane's confession, and she says that she knows he'll do everything in his power to find a cure for Nadia. "Yes, I will," says Sloane, the tone of his voice indicating that he will, indeed, do absolutely anything to save his daughter, even if that "anything" involves killing a bunch of Apple Store employees. What? You totally know he would. The man has no soul.

Marseille. The Algerian arms dealer is hanging out with his peeps, playing...dominos? Oh, no, wait. It's mah jongg. That' interesting pastime for a bunch of arms mercenaries. What are they, eighty and living in Miami? As they're determining whether to move the East tile or the one with the pretty little purple flower on it, a motorcycle approaches and then crashes right through the door and into their mah jongg game. It's Élodie. She gets up and quickly dispatches the dudes with some flashy knife work and a crack or two from her helmet. She fells the arms dealer with a dagger to the leg and then strangles him until he gives up some info on Vak. And...that's pretty much all we see of Élodie for the entire episode. Man. I hope she gets a nice per diem while she's hanging out in Hollywood basically doing a day of work here and an hour of work there.

Gym of Angry Blonde Girls. Rachel's hitting the shit out of a heavy bag. Getty enters and is like, oops. Sorry. I'll come back later. Rachel's like, dude, it's fine, you can use the bag. "No, it's okay," he says. "I don't really like to work out around other people." Heh. Rachel says she could use somebody to spar with. "I don't really...spar," he husks. Heh heh. Rachel's like, uh, yeah, neither do I, which is why I could really use your help, Mister Man. Getty finally agrees to help her out and they start sparring. As she hits his palms, Rachel asks how many fights he's been in and he twits, "Enough." "Did you win?" she asks. "Of course," he says as she continues to hit him. Rachel makes this face like, "Uh-huh, yeah, sure you did." Getty reads her expression and suddenly alters his story, saying, "Mostly. Wait. What'd you hear?" Heeeee.

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