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Dude Looks Like A Lady -- A Ho-Type Lady

Dix walks up to the fiancée and puts on this hilarious accent that seems to be a combination of some sort of African dialect, possibly an Indian dialect, and either a speech impediment or a cleft palate. I seriously have no idea where he's pretending to be from. According to closed captioning, he's doing an Indian accent, but I think closed captioning had too many martinis at lunch Aaaanyway, Dix tells the fiancée that she can't marry the general because he, Dix, loves her, and he asks her to marry him. The woman is totally like, the huh? Who the hell are you? She's freaked out. Dix raises his voice and starts getting out of control and Getty finally figures out his cue and runs over to intercept Dix. He motions to the guard at the foot of the stairs to come and help him, and that's when Syd slips up the stairs and out of sight. But not before Dix hollers, "Ows is uh pohbidden wuv!" Tee hee hee. The soldier and Getty drag Dix off to another area of the party.

Upstairs, Syd goes directly to the general's office. In Chinese, Syd demands to see the general. The guard says he's not to be disturbed. Syd touches her belly and says, "Oh, he'll want to see me." Heh. Nice. The guard hesitates, and Syd just huffs that she'll introduce herself to the general's fiancée instead. She turns to leave, but the guard stops her and lets her inside the room. Watching the action, Rachel's in awe of Syd's improvisational (not to mention multi-lingual) skills. Marshall's all, hey, I've had to perform some Alias magic myself in the past. "D'you know what a spork is?" Ha! Way to throw the longtime viewers a bone, writers!

Inside the office, the general is indeed having second thoughts, and he sweatily says that he just needs more time. Syd knocks him out with a tranq shot from Dix's watch and then moves into action. She slaps a device on the safe and tells Marshall she's ready, and he tries to connect to it, but can't, because there's too much shielding on the building. Marshall decides that he needs to set a relay closer to the building, and Rachel volunteers to put it in place so Marshall can stay with the equipment and connect to the device as soon as the relay's in place. She runs off. Back inside, Getty and the guards drop Dix on his ass on the fringes of the party and Getty apologizes for Dix's behavior, saying he's not a bad guy, he's just had his heart broken. Aw. The fiancée decides that now would be an opportune moment to head upstairs and kick the general's ass. Dix gives Syd a heads-up.

Rachel sets the relay and Marshall connects to the device. He remotely hacks the combination to the safe and Syd is inside in seconds. She grabs the intel and gets the hell out of Dodge. Outside the building, Rachel and her Swinging Ponytail of Dumbness are heading back to the op-tech van, when she's intercepted by a guard. He hollers a bunch of stuff at her in Chinese, but since she doesn't speak Chinese, she can only stand there and look scared stiff. There's this moment where you think she's going to come up with something really good and save the day, but then she just pulls a Count Rugen and runs away. Ha! Awesome. The guard chases after her as she tells Getty she's busted. He tells Dix to wait for Syd because he has to go off and save Rachel's ass.

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