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Dude Looks Like A Lady -- A Ho-Type Lady

Random Baddie Warehouse #23. Gordo's just standing there with his back to the camera. Sloane slams in and bitches that he told Gordo that none of his people were supposed to get hurt. "I do what I want, when I want," says Gordo. "Now where is it?" "You didn't trust me and you nearly ruined the entire operation," snaps Sloane. "I want the weapon," returns Gordo. "You don't get to have it," says Sloane in the same tone of voice my father used to use with me when I kept begging for another bomb pop after dinner. "That's my price for your mistake." "My mistake?" shouts Gordo. "I'm not the one responsible for a hundred thousand deaths. I'm not the one dangling on the end of a fishhook. I'm the one who decides if the little fish gets thrown back into the pond or if it gets flushed down the toilet. Am I being clear?" "Yoooou doooon't geeeet Vak's weapon," snarls Sloane. "How's your daughter?" asks Gordo. "Nadia has nothing to do with this," says Sloane. "Oh, yes she does," says Gordo. "I want a copy of the lasso software on my desk first thing tomorrow morning." Ouch. He is SO dead when Sloane gets his shit together at the end of the season.

Apple Store. Sydney watches as Jack meets with Rachel in his office. She walks out and meets up with Sydney. "Your father's kind of scary," says Rachel. Hee. "Tell me about it," quips Sydney. Hee hee. Syd tells her that Rachel did a good job and Rachel thanks her for being in her head during the mission. Syd knows how important that voice can be, seeing as Vaughn talked her through all her early missions at the CIA. "Sometimes his voice was all that kept me going." "I wish I could've met him," says Rachel. Syd looks like she's about to cry, so she leaves, saying she'll see Rachel tomorrow. Guess they're not roomies anymore, huh?

"The Water Is Wide" comes on the soundtrack, so you know it's time for a poignant music montage. Rachel looks out across the office and catches Getty's eye, and he gives her a little "You done good" nod of the head. Aw. Sloane visits Nadia at the hospital and this time he actually enters the room and goes to her. He takes her hand, and his face is a mask of pain. Aw. Rachel sits at her desk and finds a picture of her family in her drawer. Aw. We hear Vaughn asking Syd via comms if she's okay. Syd says she is, but she's having trouble picking the lock because her fingers are numb. Vaughn tells her that she's almost home. The camera pans over and Syd is sitting in her new rocking chair, playing the tape against her belly so her baby can hear its daddy's voice. Aw. It's such a sweet moment that I won't mention that the voice on the tape totally doesn't sound like Michael Vartan. I won't mention that at all.

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