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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Getty gets on the horn to Dix and asks what the hell is going on. Dix tells him about the lockdown and asks if he's at the rendezvous. Getty's all, uh...not really. I kind of took a detour over here by witness protection. Dix tells him to hold his position and he'll see what he can do. Just then, Weiss rushes in and eyeballs them. Marshall's like, um, is he here to arrest us? He looks like he's here to arrest us. Hold me. Weiss, however, just greets Dixon as Ambassador Rutland and Marshall as Mr. Cornish. He weaves some lie about them having a meeting up on the hill and then spirits them off, away from the guards and chaos. Weiss tells them that Jack filled him in, what do they need from him? Dix apprises him of Getty's and Rachel's situations. Weiss hands Dix something that should be good to get him into WITSEC and states that he and Marshall will handle Rachel. Everyone scatters.

In the Echelon room, guards are entering as Rachel looks scared. In the WITSEC room, Dixon's entering as Getty manufactures a lame lie. Dix is all, dude? What the? Getty's all, I got lost. These government buildings are BIG. Do you have a Tic Tac? Dix either buys this or doesn't have time to question it, because he just tells Getty to get a move on and leaves. Getty grabs his little USB doodad and follows Dix out the door. Elsewhere in the building, Weiss and Marshall hack into the security camera feed and find Rachel. Weiss gets on comms and guides Rachel away from the approaching guards á la The Matrix while Marshall tries to figure out how to unlock the door so that Rachel can escape. Weiss tells Rachel to, on his signal, run toward the doors at the end of the room as fast as she can; they'll have the doors open by the time she gets there. If they don't, she can just slam into them like a schnauzer after a chew toy. Marshall says, "Got it!" Weiss says, "Go!" Rachel says, "WHAM!" Well, really, her body says, "OUCH!" and the still-locked-doors say, "WHAM!" Because Marshall's forgotten to hit "enter." So Rachel's just smacked right into them. Hee hee hee. Marshall hits enter, Rachel escapes, and the doors shut behind her, locking the guards inside. Marshall and Weiss breathe a sigh of relief and get the hell out of Dodge.

The crew meets up beneath the building, and everyone gets up to speed on the hard-drive/Sydney-message issue. Weiss tells them to head down to the end of the corridor in order to exit; he heads upstairs to wipe the surveillance feeds. He stops them and asks if they hear anything about Sydney, to let him know. "Oh, and next time?" he says. "Just call." Ha! Love him.

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