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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Good Ship Baby Pop. Syd shoves Peyton into a room when she hears Bulgarian voices in the distance. Suddenly, Syd doubles over in pain. She's not looking all that well. Syd puts her hand out for balance and sees a file beneath it that has her name on it. She hits the lights and discovers that they're in some sort of makeshift hospital room. There are sonograms of the Spy Fetus up on the wall. Syd demands that Peyton tell her what the hell's going on. "You have until three," she says, gasping. "" Peyton grabs the gun out of her hand and Syd promptly falls straight to the ground.

It's time for yet another commercial break! Shut up, American Inventor.

When we return, Sydney's flat out on a gurney, and someone's taking a sonogram of the Spy Fetus. Something is DEFINITELY wrong with that fetus, because it has red and green lights where its heart should be. It's so lit up, it should be a disco, is what I'm saying. Sydney starts struggling and realizes that she's strapped down to the gurney. A man with a foreign accent rushes over and tells her not to move, and that the doctor is coming. Syd asks if something's wrong with her baby. Hell YEAH, there's something wrong with your baby! It's sucking on a thumb made of NEON.

Apple Store. Marshall and Getty hack into the hard drive and discover that whoever wiped the drive used a secure deletion program which basically overwrites whatever is on the drive with tons of extraneous data and noise. Marshall can't get to the original data without an electron microscope and two weeks, apparently. Dix and Rachel rush up with a transcript of something that makes Marshall think that whoever authorized the deletion of Sydney's transmission had Alpha Black clearance. This means that whoever authorized the deletion is one of the highest of the high muckety-mucks at the CIA.

Marshall says that only seven people in the entire agency have Alpha Black clearance. And those same seven people were all assigned a modified version of a secure cell phone. Each of the phones broadcasts a unique device ID; fortunately, Marshall managed to match one of the cell phone IDs to the deletion authorization. He says that if Jack manages to get within fifty feet of the phone in question, Marshall might be able to scan it and see if it matches. Dix suggests surveilling all the guys, but Jack thinks that'll take too long. "I have an idea," he says. Oh, I BET you do.

Washington, D.C. Awesome Jack and his Awesome Briefcase of Awesomeness head toward a secure conference room. The guards outside let him in, and Jack slickly (and awesomely) futzes with the door, for reasons which will become clear momentarily. Waiting for him in the room are the seven high muckety-mucks, including Jack's old buddy Devlin. They engage in some small talk, then Jack flicks a switch on his briefcase, bringing up the scanner back at APO. Some big Fatty McFatterton over on the right asks Jack why he called this meeting. Jack says that he didn't call them together for an ops meeting; he called them together because they all have Alpha Black clearance. He then exposits for a bit about Prophet Five and how someone at the CIA is in collusion with them. Someone with Alpha Black clearance.

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