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"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Elsewhere, Marshall geeks up to Rachel and blathers something at her about the decryption program he wrote and how somebody accessed the program when he was out of his office. He goes on to say that he found out that Getty accessed the WITSEC room at Langley, and then he hands Rachel the folder with the pictures of Getty's dead wife and that dude, Korman. Marshall surmises that Korman's who Getty is looking for.

Sure enough, in a dimly lit parking garage somewhere else on the planet, Getty's sitting in his car, waiting for Korman to make an appearance. His phone rings and it's Rachel. Getty wisely decides not to pick up. Korman shows up and walks over to his car. Before he can get in, Getty walks over to him. In German, Korman asks how Getty found him. "Peter," he says, "I'm sorry." Peter? No, no, no, Korman; it's BALTHAZAR. Well, really, it's "Thomas," but who likes "Balthazar" better? That's what I thought. Korman blathers about being under orders and how Getty has to believe him. Getty says that's not why he's here; he needs to get a message to The Cardinal. Oh, for the love of...another "the?" Jesus.

Army Hospital. Jack approaches a room as his attending guard takes a position outside. He enters, and Syd nervously looks at him, saying they won't tell her anything, that they just keep taking tests. Jack tells her that there was a crisis with her pregnancy, but that the baby's fine. He says that she was suffering from placental abruption, and that the doctor on the boat actually corrected the problem and saved her, and the baby's, life. It sure didn't look that way to me. "Why?" asks Syd. "Why would they do that?" Jack doesn't know what it means, but he promises to get to the bottom of it. Syd starts to cry, and Jack tries to comfort her. "When I was on the ship," she starts, "they tried to extract information from me...they--" "Shhh," says Jack. "Not here." Wise move, dude. Jack's guard enters and says that it's time. Syd looks at her dad like, dude? What's going on here? Jack just assures her that it's nothing but a small matter he needs to attend to. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

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