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Previously: Will gets two things from the Bogeyman. Unfortunately, one of them isn't the clap. Instead, he gets a call to meet him on Seventh and Spring and a tape of the murder of Eloise Kurtz. Marshall inadvertently rats Sydney out; Sloane has Sydney kidnapped by some goons.

Sydney wakes up on top of a nasty striped mattress. She's handcuffed and chained in a dark little cement cell. She gets up only to discover her foot is chained to the wall. If she'd gotten hit by a car -- even a slow-moving car – wouldn't she be way more messed up than that? As it is, Sydney looks a little scraggly and extremely wooden-faced -- but I guess that last part's really par for the course.

SD-6. Sloane. He's filling in Russet on the transmission Marshall tracked from their Swiss escapade in the last episode. Sloane asks him if he suspected anything. Russet says no. Sloane tells him to go in and pretend that he's going to be killed unless Sydney confesses what's going on. Russet asks if he's sure that'll work. Sloane tells him that a threat to a colleague is a fundamental interrogation technique. He also tells Russet that he's going to have to look like he's really been interrogated. And, dammit, Sloane is now pronouncing his name as "Russek," so now I have to change the spelling. Argh.

Cell Of Naked Mattresses. A really beaten-up Russek is hauled inside and chained to a bed across from Sydney. Sydney is mentally doing the wacky. Russek asks if she's part of this. Sydney feigns innocence. Russek tells her about the transmission, and tells her that if she doesn't tell Sloane how much damage has been done, he's going to be killed. The Wind Machine Of Doom drones eerily behind them. Sydney asks if he believes them. Russek says yes. She asks again. He says yes again.

SD-6. Jack walks over to Sydney's desk, only to see that it's almost totally bare. The Kettle Drums Of Doom go into serious overdrive. Jack asks a neighbor if Sydney moved her desk. The neighbor replies that the security section cleared it out an hour ago.

Chamber Of Horrors. Some goons enter and tell Russek and Sydney to hit the floor. Hands clasped, they kneel and put their foreheads on the floor. A goon kicks the bed near Sydney's head. She starts. He says that Sloane wants to know if she's ready to talk to him. Sydney is breathing hard. She exchanges glances with Russek, then says flatly that she has nothing to say.

SD-6. Jack bursts into the office of some guy we've never seen before. He says, "Steven, what's going on?" Steven is silent. Jack demands that he talk to him. There's some back and forth and it's pointless, and FINALLY Steven fills him in on the info that we've heard five times already: transmission from Switzerland blah blah blah double-agent cakes. Steven says it's not the first indication that Sydney might be a double. What, you mean besides her forty-eight mistakes in every episode and the giant neon arrows pointing to her head that read "CIA MOLE HERE"? Steven says he's sorry, and hands Jack a file. The Kettle Drums Of Doom are kicking it old-school, in a serious way.

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