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"Okay, it worked," says Marshall. "The alarm's deactivated." Dix informs Weiss's team that the system is disarmed, and orders them to move in. "Roger that," responds Weiss. Vaughn wipes some sweat off his many brows. Weiss's team moves in. They shoot at some random guards and shit, as Sydney makes her way to them. From one of the downed guards, Syd picks up a shiny blue card. She grabs it and hauls ass to some door, slides the blue card through a card reader, then shoves the big door open.

A man in a white coat hovers over a patient. "CIA. Freeze!" Syd calls. The white coat dude ignores that and reaches for a weapon. Syd shoots him down. She runs over to the man on the table. "I'm CIA. You're going to be okay." The man on the table, German CIA Dude #2, is all, "Oh, thank God! I love you! Marry me!" Syd gets on the horn to base ops and is all, "I have the prisoner and he's fine." Everyone at base ops breathes several sighs of relief.

"You kept your promise," says the white coat dude from the floor. Syd grabs her gun and aims it at him in a controlled panic. "You said you would kill me." Syd looks at him blankly. "You were my favorite," he says. "You never broke." Syd lowers the gun all, what in the FUCK are you talking about? Syd drops the gun and scrambles over to him. "Who the hell are you? And what're you talking about? Wait. Why did the Covenant take two years of my life?" Oh. Too bad. White Coat Dude's dead.

X-Files Meeting Room of Lost Time. It would appear that plenty of people in the CIA have lost time. And Syd's one of them. But she's not happy about it. Dreams start yet? Nightmares? They will. Honestly, this was one useless fucking scene. Oh, and in case I'm in danger of offending anyone out there, well, this was one useless f***ing scene.

Dixon's Office. Syd busts in all, I totally dig how there are people out there who have experienced what I have, but -- dude. I cannot got back to that freakshow! And, like, yeah, I'm not gonna pretend that it's not hard, losing Vaughn. I mean, do I still have feelings for him? Hell, YEAH I do, but that's -- Dix busts a move here and says, "Sydney, this is Lauren Reed." He points to a blonde woman on a sofa. "She's going to be our new liaison to the National Security Council." Syd's sufficiently cowed. "I didn't mean to interrupt," says Syd. "I didn't know you were here." Lauren makes her way over to Syd and shakes her hand. "It's okay, really," says Lauren. Syd goes to leave. Dixon stops her. "Apparently, you had a conversation with [Mr. Head] in the men's room of the Federal Building in which you made your distaste for him abundantly clear." Syd kind of looks at both of them. "I guess I did." "Well, he got the message, because he returned to Washington," says Dixon. "He's assigned Agent Reed here in his place to assist our efforts against the Covenant. She'll also be looking into the murder of Andrean Lazarey as part of a joint investigation with the Kremlin."

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