The Awful Truth

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If by "awful" you mean "awfully convenient for Jack."

Later, Sloane calls Jack into his office and asks how Nadia is doing on the tests. Jack doesn't know yet. Sloane's all, oh, come on, Jack! It's been two hours! Form an opinion already! Jack has, of course, but he wants to be certain. He walks off as Sloane drills holes into his back with his laser vision eyes.

Over in Spain, Syd walks out onto a balcony as Vaughn gets her in his sights with the sound gun. She says it's weird -- that it sounds like he's right next to her. Yeah, Syd, just like when he's on the comms, right? I really don't get how this was necessary, but whatever. Vaughn checks in with Marshall and Marshall brings up a map of the house. He discovers that there's a huge power surge in the basement, so the server's probably there. Vaughn fills Syd in on the location of the server, as well as the location of a couple of guards. She straps on the laser watch and gets a move on.

Syd sneaks around the house as the Mystery Music of Clandestine Operations goes into overdrive. Before heading off on her mission, Syd rigged up a little audio player to play a fake phone conversation between her and someone else so that, when one of the guards passes by her room, he hears the conversation and thinks she's just chatting with someone while she runs a bath. Satisfied that Syd's occupied with her phone chat and bath, the guard just walks off. Good thing he's not as interested in Syd's bathroom activities as Bishop is, huh? Meanwhile, Syd's made it down into the basement with the server. She tells Vaughn that they're good to go and he tells her to move fast.

She moves over to the machine and pulls out a terminal, flipping up the monitor. She removes Marshall's laser watch and shoots it at something on the keyboard. This apparently unlocks the system and she's in like Flynn. She goes to put the watch back on, but, as Marshall commented earlier, it's overheated and Syd hisses, "Ow!" and puts the watch in her pocket instead. She searches the computer for the keyword "Valta" as Vaughn impatiently urges her to hurry up. Watch it there, Agent Anxious. Let's see you try to hack into a server wearing The Wig That Ate Pittsburgh and see how well YOU do, huh? Syd gets the location of the Valta and tells Vaughn it's at Alameda Yards. Vaughn tells her the coast is clear and she should get out of there and meet them at the extraction point. Syd bails and heads to the front door.

The intel on the Valta gets passed to the CIA via Sloane as Vaughn starts to pack up his gear. Before he can head out, however, he sees Bishop's car returning to the house. Uh-oh. He's early. Vaughn tells the Appleseed Gang to stand down. Dix and Marshall are all, whuh? Syd would be whuh-ing too, if she could hear Vaughn's warning. But she can't. Instead, she rushes through the front door on her way to get the hell out of Dodge and runs smack into Bishop. She covers well, saying that she saw his car pull up. He's immediately suspicious, asking her why she's out of breath. Again, she covers and diverts him with her girlish charms. They go back into the house, holding hands, as Vaughn tells the rest of the team that Houston definitely has a problem.

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