The Awful Truth

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If by "awful" you mean "awfully convenient for Jack."

Sloane gets on comms and tells the team that the raid, indeed, went wrong and Weiss has been captured. Vaughn gets on the horn to Syd and tells her about the situation. Syd sort of just touches her hair and Bishop observes that she's trembling. Syd feeds him some line about not wanting to get involved with someone so fast, but before she can say, "But it's different with you…" Bishop gets a phone call informing him about the failed raid, and the caller also tells him that someone was on the server at the house about an hour ago. Bishop, his eyes slowly blinking like a Gila monster, thanks the caller and gets off the phone. Syd looks at him and says, "Your expression -- reminds me of my uncle." Weird thing to say, huh? Yeah, well, that's because it's Syd's distress call. Vaughn tells Dix that he's going in and he needs backup. Dix is all, got it! On my way! Blow the security system pronto!

Vaughn and Dix run to the house. There's absolutely no one around. Looks like, in addition to blowing the security system, Marshall also took out every last one of the guards. That, or, like, they're all down at the Alameda yards, um, disposing of CIA bodies. Vaughn and Dix make it into the house, but Syd's nowhere to be seen. Apparently, everyone escaped through a handy escape tunnel. The Appleseed Boys jump in the van and head after Syd. Vaughn's totally losing his shit, harping on Marshall to hurry up and find Bishop. Vaughn's all, dude? Speed it up already! You've been fucking around for an hour! Find the guy! Marshall's all, stopyellingatmeyou'remakingmenervous! Trying to find this guy ain't as easy as you'd like, General Girly Man! Vaughn's all, COME ON YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT AND DON'T CALL ME GIRLY MAN, YOU GEEK! "I know what I'm doing, okay?" Marshall finally screeches. "JUST SHUT UP!" Vaughn totally stops and pulls his head back. Hee. Marshall sees this. "Sorry about that," he says. "No," says Vaughn in this hilarious deadpan. "That was good." Hee hee hee. After their first lover's quarrel is over, Marshall finally gets a hit on the cellular signal and he tries to locate Bishop and Syd.

Meanwhile, on International Tesseract Airlines, Jack and Nadia are en route to Spain. After getting off his cell phone (those Tesseract cargo planes sure do get great reception!), Jack tells Nadia that the Appleseed Gang is tracking Bishop and that they'll coordinate with Vaughn when they land. Nadia pipes up that she knows it must be hard for Jack to have her at the Apple Store. Jack just says, "Not at all." Actually, I think he means it. He doesn't seem to hate her or anything. Well, how can you hate someone whose very presence you acknowledge only as a potential hazard to your relationship with your daughter? "I can't defend the choices my mother made," she says. "Nadia," he responds with the slightest bit of his version of a smile, "I would never blame you for your mother's infidelity." She sort of looks down, obviously relieved. "But there is something I need to share with you," he continues, totally ruining what was turning out to be a nice non-father/non-daughter moment between the two of them. "I only do this because of your test results," he says. "Did I fail horribly?" she asks. "Hardly," he says. "Not surprisingly, your ability to adapt to sudden changes in protocol, to handle adverse situations, is exceptional. Your results were very much like your sister's." Jack reaches into a bag and pulls out a confidential CIA file. "Sydney doesn't know this yet. The result of an ongoing investigation." He hands her the file. "Ironically," he says, "this intel came to me just this morning." Nadia opens the file and reads it, her brow furrowing. She looks up at Jack with pain etched across her face. And…scene.

Yeah. I totally thought Jack had somehow rigged it to show that Sloane killed Irina. In fact, when I did the recaplet, I initially wrote, "Nadia looks at the file, but we don't find out what's in it until the end of the episode when we learn that Sloane actually killed Irina. Nice way to cover, Jack." But it doesn't say Sloane killed Irina. It says that…oh, well, you'll see here in a second.

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