The Awful Truth

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Erin: C+ | 2 USERS: A-
If by "awful" you mean "awfully convenient for Jack."

Later on at the Apple Store, Syd asks Jack why Nadia's under the impression that Bishop killed Irina. Jack's all, huh? What? Oh, that. Well, yeah, I kinda sorta tinkered with Bishop's file so that it looked like he killed your mother instead of me. Yeah. Neat, huh? Syd's all, oh, what? So you set my sister up? Jack's all, um, in case it slipped by you, Bishop wasn't exactly a missionary, honey. We killed two birds with one stone. Syd's still pissed. "You manipulated Nadia." "I gave your sister closure," reasons Jack. That man can rationalize his way out of ANYTHING. You killed my mother? She was going to kill you! You manipulated my sister into killing a man for something he didn't do? He was going to kill you anyway, and look how happy it made her! Heh. "Sometimes a satisfying lie, Sydney," he concludes, "can do more good than…The. Awful. Truth." Yeah. He totally says it like that. And, as much as I love Victor Garber, I'm really sorry that he had to be saddled with that clunker of a line. Maybe the writers are starting a trend of naming their episodes after a line of dialogue. Or maybe it's vice versa. I don't know. But if it continues, and somewhere, in every show, the title of the episode is uttered, we should totally stand up, wherever we are, raise a shot of the closest available liquor and shout, "HUZZAH!" at the top of our lungs. Come on. It'll be fun.

Syd just stalks off and joins the new and complete Appleseed Gang, which includes among its members the newly appointed Weiss. Yay! Now they just need to bring Francinator back from the dead and hire Will to do CIA analysis and my life will be complete. As Syd chats with her buddies, Jack watches her with what I can only describe as an expression of wary concern. The Strings of Jack Did Something Bad But We Won't Really Find Out What Until Midway Through The Season are running into serious overtime, though, so I'm thinking that there are quite a few more tasty revelations to come in the remaining nineteen episodes…

Next week: Nadia discovers a picture of Irina that uncovers yet another secret that no one knew anything about, and Syd and Vaughn decide to…spend the night together? But I thought they already…yeah. No idea.

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