The Box, Part I

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The Box, Part I

And once again, we're back at SD-6. An FLC with a head full of silly-looking braids is standing watch over the captured agents. Dixon looks mildly concerned. Spy Barbie's up in the airshafts, crawling around in search of Marshall's office. She locates it and puts "Operation Refrigerator Magnet" into play. Spy Daddy's down in the computer wasteland, watching her progress. Sydney nabs the compact, then loses it, grabbing what looks like an earring instead. She lowers the magnet again. Down in the vault area, Driller FLC announces that the explosives are in place and he's activating the detonator. Sydney nabs the compact, only to lose it when the vault explosives go off. You know what this means, don't you? "Operation Refrigerator Magnet" is a bust. Sydney's going in.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum Of Torture Devices And Humongous Foreheads. Driller FLC enters and tells Shovelhead, "We're in." "Ehhhxcellent," responds Shovelhead, channeling Mr. Burns. He turns to Sloane and offers him two choices: Don't give up the codes and they'll get in anyway because they have the technology to do so, or give up the codes and The Box remains closed. Okay, so, if they can get in anyway, then why do they need the damn codes? Is it just a chance for Shovelhead to torture Sloane for his own twisted reasons? Fine. Then start torturing him and GET ON WITH IT.

"I can't be the first person to have difficulty taking you seriously, can I?" says Sloane. Hee. I lurve him. "While that was a moderately clever retort," says Shovelhead, sitting in front of Sloane, "I'm the man holding THE BOX." He then opens The Box and removes a ratty-looking package. "Have you ever…regretted being born?" he asks Sloane. Shovelhead unfurls the package, revealing some needle-like devices that mean absolutely nothing to me. "That's a pretty heavy thing to experience," continues Shovelhead. "Regret at having emerged from your mother's womb." He blah blahs some more about the whole "being born" thing and then pulls out one of the needles and introduces Sloane to "The Needles of Fire." Ooooh…scary.

Back in Marshall's office, Sydney's opening the airshaft as Spy Daddy watches on the monitor. She makes some indecipherable hand gestures that apparently suggest to Spy Daddy that he should attempt to signal Marshall and Dixon with Morse code using a video camera monitor light and get them to create a distraction. Yeah, I don't know how Spy Daddy got all that from a few little hand gestures, but whatever. While Spy Daddy's trying to reach Marshall and Dixon, Sydney stupidly lets the airshaft door slam against the airshaft itself. This, of course, makes Braidy FLC's aural alert system go off. He goes to check out the noise.

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