The Box, Part I

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The Box, Part I

Meanwhile, Sloane's giving up the codes. When he's done, Shovelhead goes ahead and pierces Sloane's hand with the needle, telling him that it takes a few minutes for the hot stuff to kick in. "So, Arvin? Why don't you give us the real code?" Sloane, it would seem, does so, because a second later, Shovelhead and a couple of FLCs are thundering down the hall toward the vault room as The Disco Drums Of Doom play on.

Sydney enters the vault room as Spy Daddy watches Shovelhead storming the halls. She pulls out the compact and scrambles the code. Shovelhead gets closer. Sydney grabs the compact and enters an airshaft down near the ground, replacing the grate just as Shovelhead enters. He tries the code. D'oh! Too late, Shovelhead! Access denied! Sydney once again manages to make a serious amount of noise up in the airshaft. Um, Syd? Here's a question for ya: Why didn't you just STAY STILL? Shovelhead was just gonna enter the code, be denied access, and then probably go back to Sloane for more torturous dialogue -- you didn't need to move for that, girlfriend! Yes, I'd be a much better spy than Sydney Bristow. Yes, I've had three Amstel Lights. Yes, I agree, let's wrap this hummer up.

Shovelhead grabs a gun from one of the FLCs. The FLC uses his heart monitor Palm Pilot to locate Sydney in the airshaft. Shovelhead riddles the airshaft with bullets. Sydney scrambles away and winds up beneath a rotating fan with no escape. End scene!

Next week: Actually, next week is some Stephen King extravaganza. The week after? The Super Bowl. We won't get a new chapter in the lives of Sydney and Spy Daddy until February 10th. Dammit.

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