The Box, Part I

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The Box, Part I

Sloane's still on the phone, watching the ID progress on his screen. The computer comes up with a match: McKenas Cole. "Cole," says Arvin, subtly suggesting panic. Therefore, he hits the SD-6 panic button and activates the fail-safe lockdown.

Spy Daddy's still trying to convince Sydney that going to Sloane ain't such a good idea. "Those people Sloane works for, the Alliance," says Spy Daddy, "if they believe you've abandoned them, they will kill anyone they think you've talked to. Your roommate, Francie, that reporter friend of yours, anyone." Sydney looks pained. Or she looks bored. I can't really tell.

In the video security office, Soon-To-Be-Dead Security Guard #2 hears the door open behind him and says, "Lemme guess. You forgot the two sugars?" He turns, and Shovelhead shoots him twice in the chest. I'm sure we'd all like to assume that Dead Guy Sitting would most likely have seen Shovelhead walking down the hall, seeing as he has all those monitors in front of him for, you know, a REASON, but I've reconciled myself to the fact that suspension of disbelief is just a way of life when it comes to this show so, like, I'll allow it.

Sloane makes a call, and the phone rings in the very video security office where Shovelhead is standing at this very moment. "We have a physical breach," says Sloane. "Initiate immediate lockdown procedures." "Whatever you say, Arvin," sneers Shovelhead. Hee. "Arvin." Hee hee.

Elevator Of Father-Daughter Relations. Sydney claims that she felt like leaving SD-6 even before she found out about SpyMomsky. Before Spy Daddy can retort, the elevator loses power and the lights go out. Up in the offices, clouds of gas pour out through the AC. Everyone, including Arvin, Dixon, and Marshall, goes down for the count. Back in the elevator, Spy Daddy picks up the emergency phone and discovers that it's dead. Spy Daddy surmises that this couldn't be a blackout, because a blackout wouldn't shut down security.

After an establishing shot of the city at night, we're greeted with Will-age Idiot AT A URINAL. Ew. Did we really need to see that? Couldn't he just have been washing his hands or something? I mean, bodily functions are a fact of life and all, but just seeing him flushing the toilet conjures up images of Will-age Idiot with his pants down and, really, I don't need that kind of mental garbage running around in my skull. Bleah. Will-age is washing his hands (see? That's all they needed to do, people! We would have gotten the picture!) when his cell phone rings. He picks up and is instructed by Deep Throat to go to his desk. Will informs him that he's off the story. "Leave the bathroom and go to your desk," says The Voice Of Coming Storylines. Will-age does as the voice instructs, totally creeped out that Deep Throat knows exactly where he is. Ew. Does that mean Deep Throat watched him pee, too? Gross.

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