The Bradley Cooper Interview, Part I

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Bradley Cooper is my new best friend

Yes. I do too!

Because think about it. The show has to be forty-two minutes long; they pack stuff in. So, they just got rid of about eight minutes of exposition.

I know! That episode was brilliant!

And how much better is Ron Rifkin out doing stuff now?

Oh, he is SO tasty. I love it when he's, like, "Satan Sloane." It's so much better when he's not being held down by any corporation.

Oh, completely. And he'd just wear a suit and then fuckin' say all this dialogue and then that'd be it. And then he'd be like, "Good luck on the mission." And that's it.

Totally. Although I did like the Conference Room of Endless Expositions where Marshall would do his requisite blathering and annoy Sloane.

And now you have that with the CIA. Which is perfect. And Kendall was BORN to be that guy. First of all, I think Kendall, Terry O'Quinn, is one of the hugest assets to the show now.

Doesn't he rock? Did you ever see his movie The Stepfather?

No, but Greg Grunberg told me about how ridiculous he is in that.

It''s insane. Like, there's this whole scene in the basement where he's playing with tools and having rage-a-thons. Oh, it's just kick-ass. It's one of the best B-movies EVER.

Yeah, yeah. He's somethin' else. And he's the nicest guy, man. We're such a tight group and, just like Lena Olin, he came in and assimilated right away.


And he's a guy who pretty much just stays to himself, you know. So...well, actually, I shouldn't say that, because I don't really know. All I know is, I never work with him. Except for, well, an episode that airs this week, that was the first time that I worked with him.

Oh, really? So you're doing something...when you're getting involved with the CIA and stuff.

Yeah, uh, Will briefs the CIA on something.


And it's a cool scene. And, uh, it was a chance to work with him, because I'd always sort of admired him from afar, and he is just the most down-to-earth guy.

I mean, he's been in this business forever, so it seems that he would be that kind of guy who just gets along with everybody and just does his role and does his work. Very professional, but also very laidback. I mean, you don't get to where he is, a consistent character actor -- which, by the way, I think is the ultimate honor. Being a character actor is, like, a billion times better than having to be an ingénue.

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