The Bradley Cooper Interview, Part I

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Bradley Cooper is my new best friend

Yeah, I do too. He was one of those people who, when we had our auditions in New York, he just got an agent like that. [snaps] And started working. I mean, his first movie was Spanking the Monkey.

Oh my god. And he had, like, a three-picture deal with Miramax. He was so great. He was so nice when I met him at Wet Hot. We just continued the relationship.

How did you get the Wet Hot gig?

Do you mind, uh, I'm eating a bar while I'm talking to you.

No, go ahead.

Really? You don't mind?

No. Munch away. I'm smoking a cigarette.

Oh, good. Okay. I'm eating a Zone bar. See what's happened to me?

Oh, dude. You're so L.A.

I'm eating a fucking Zone bar. Gimme a cigarette! Oh...I just auditioned for Wet Hot.

You didn't know the guys from The State first?

No, didn't know anybody. I was in grad school and my agent sent me on this audition and I went in there and met them all that day. And they cast me, thank god. I had to miss graduation to do the movie. Thank god I did it.

I'm so glad you did.

Since then...those guys are still my friends. I just talked to Janeane Garafalo yesterday. She's in town. I became good friends with her. And Amy Poehler --

Oh, I LOVE Amy Poehler. I saw her a lot when she was here at the Improv Olympic, and that's where they first did the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Which is genius.

I know. It's fucking brilliant.

And Jen just did SNL and she and Amy had a great time together.

It looked like such fun. I think Zak met all those guys when he was out there, so he became friends with them first. And that's how he continued...and I think my friend Kathy dated one of the guys for a bit. Not Michael Ian Black but...

Michael Showalter?



Heh. "Coop."

Did you see the movie?

Oh, GOD. Like, five times! I own it, dude.

It's a great movie.

I have to own everything that Zak's in. I have to. That whole movie is so fucking funny. The whole gay wedding thing...[breaks down in laughter] Oh, wait, did you and Michael Ian Black get to pick your own sweat socks for that scene?

Heh. The truth is, that was our choice. When we were shooting, we said, "Can we keep our socks on?"

[hissing with laughter]

Yeah, and it was actually, um, they cut it out, but, when we're having sex, I say to him, "What's my name?" And he's like...wait...what was my name? I can't remember...

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