The Bradley Cooper Interview, Part I

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Bradley Cooper is my new best friend

Oh, I think so too. I'm glad that he's finally getting employment with the CIA and whatever. I mean, do you actually have an idea of what your story arc is? Or do you just get a script one day --

I literally have no idea.



So, like, one day you're a mild-mannered reporter and the next day you get the note saying you're gonna be a heroin addict?

Pretty much.


Yeah. It's pretty crazy.

Like, week by week?

Week by week. Yeah.

Dude, that SUCKS.

I have no idea! We're shooting the fifth-to-last episode right now and I have NO idea what happens to my character.

Does that kind of freak you out a little bit?

You know, you sort of get used to it. It helps you, ultimately, because, all of this helps you ultimately, because it sort of toughens you up. Which you really have to be.


It also just makes you appreciate what you have, while you have it.

Yeah, I guess.

That's kind of a bullshit answer. Yeah. It drives me nuts!


[laughing -- then, in a sort of snarky voice] And you can print that.

And you can put that in. Thank you! Goodnight, everybody! I think it would really...I mean, when you do a play, or even a movie, you have the whole thing right in front of you.

It's pretty crazy, I have to say. It's a pretty crazy ride. Especially, I do think, in terms of my character, it's been a really crazy ride.

Yes. Because you started out, mild-mannered, best friend, in love with Sydney, and all that stuff. And I thought it was sort of run-of-the-mill, initially, and then when J.J. started pumping up the action, then you realized what Will's place was. You were the one person she could trust.

And also, he was getting fed information by The Man, you know, which is this whole other thing.

Yes. And we're all sort of dying for them to come back to this Rambaldi/The Man crap.

Well, they're definitely coming back to the Rambaldi.

Do you guys have, like, a storyboard on the Rambaldi crap? Because I need, like, a diagram and a compass...

Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I'm actually glad they brought that back. Because I was a fan of that.

Yeah, I liked that too. I liked that whole, is it about eternal youth, is it about ancient weapons of destruction --

Yeah, I also think it's good where the show's going. I think it's fucking phenomenal that SD-6 is gone. I really do.

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