The Bradley Cooper Interview, Part I

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Bradley Cooper is my new best friend

Okay, here's the thing. Bradley Cooper rocks.

If you're coming to this interview to find out the dirt on him, if you think that all that talk about how the cast gets along great and all mutually admire each other is a load of crap, if you're curious about what kind of underwear Bradley wears, if any, then you've come to the wrong place. This is pretty much a former actress-turned-writer chatting for over an hour with one of the nicest, coolest, sweetest men on the face of the planet. If that sort of thing just isn't your bag, well, stop reading RIGHT NOW.

See, I posted a request for an interview with Bradley Cooper in one of the forum threads without a hope in the world that anyone associated with the show would even bother to enter the forums. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from one of the producers; instead of telling me to stop cracking wise on the writing crew and to please bring a few degrees less of snark to the table, the remarkably cool guy actually asked me if I was serious about wanting to interview Bradley. After I passed out from shock, I believe my response was, "Hell YEAH!"

So, anyway, the lovely producer gave me a number to call, and the even lovelier press agent and her equally lovely assistant helped me set up the whole interview time and everything, and, well, let's just say I was so tweaked that I was interviewing Bradley Cooper that I might have downed half a bottle of Skyy vodka the night before just to get my brain to turn off so I could go to sleep.

That still doesn't explain how I could call Bradley "Will" at the end of our conversation. Yeah. I really shouldn't be allowed to interview anyone EVER AGAIN.

Bradley Cooper: Hello, Regina.

Regina: Hello, Bradley.

How's it goin'?

Good. How're you?


Where are you?

I just got into my apartment. Just walked in the door.

Were you just workin'?

Uh, I was just workin'.

Well, I'm glad that you had the chance to talk to me.

Yeah, well, I'm glad that you had the interest.

Oh, God YES. Are you kidding? I mean, all of the people on the boards are like, "Where's Bradley lately? He's not on the show at all!"

Really? Well, that's nice to hear.

Oh, man. They're freaking out. They're all dying that you haven't been on the last --

Used to be the other way around...

Sweetie, your storylines were not great there, early on. I'm just sayin'.

["Sweetie"? I'm calling him "sweetie"? What, am I his elderly next-door-neighbor or something? Good holy Mary on a moon pie.]

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