The Confession

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The Confession

Jack sits down and introduces Devlin and the senior officers. He says he knew weeks ago that his file had been pulled, and that his activities twenty-five years ago had been under suspicion. He's ostensibly talking to both of them, but it's clear it's directed at Sydney. He apologizes for making such a public display, but he wanted to do it in front of the officials since they already knew what was going on, and he wasn't sure that Sydney and Vaughn would believe him otherwise. He confesses that the Cyrillic codes were, indeed, orders from the KGB to kill CIA operatives, including Vaughn's father, but that it wasn't to him that the orders were directed -- that they were for Sydney's mother.

All right, kids -- that's it for me. Unfortunately, duty calls, and I must bid you all farewell. But from here on in Regina Rouge will be kicking ass and taking names as your official Alias recapper, and she'll take excellent care of you all. Keep hope alive!

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