The Confession

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The Confession

Jack haltingly thanks Sydney for coming after him in Cuba, since she didn't have to do it. Sydney cuts him off and tries to leave, but Jack stops her. He tells her that there are many things that he should do as a father, things that he should know and ask about her. Sydney tells him it's all right, and sounds like she means it. She turns and walks away just as Jack's pen signals that their time is up.

Under the freeway. Vaughn gives Sydney her counter-mission. He hands her a box of fake cosmetics -- lipstick, compact, et cetera -- which are really a bunch of spy crap disguised as cosmetics, and tells her that she has to record the info for the CIA and photograph a bunch of fake specs for SD-6. Sydney says thanks, and is about to turn away when Vaughn talks to her about her father. He says that they have to report him. Sydney tries to weasel her way out of it, saying that they didn't know what role he played in carrying out the KGB orders. Vaughn and I both roll our eyes. Vaughn points out that they know what orders he received, and that there's no statute of limitations on murder. Sydney points out that they need to infiltrate SD-6, and it would be impossible to take them down without her father. Vaughn bites his lip, furrows his enormous brow, and hands over a stack of files to Sydney -- all of the operatives who were killed. The odd thing is that while Michael Vartan has this almost preternatural ability to furrow his brow (and not much else, apparently), whenever Jennifer Garner tries to look worried, distressed, etc., almost NOTHING happens to her forehead. Maybe they should get together in real life and produce a child with a normal brow-furrowing capability.

Sydney says she knows all about the murdered operatives. Vaughn says she doesn't know, because she's not thinking of them; she's only thinking of herself. Wow, that's totally unexpected, to hear Vaughn giving Sydney what-for. Good for him. Vaughn says he understands that she's making a connection with her father for the first time in her life, and he understands how difficult it is to ask her to sacrifice that, but she also knows the right thing to do. Sydney tells Vaughn that he may be right, but she needs some time to come to terms with what she has to do. Vaughn's brow furrows so much that it looks like an accordion. There's even a cheek-furrow by his mouth. Sydney asks him to not do anything until she gets back to him, and drives off. We get another shot of His Furrowedness, who then whips out a mini-cassette recorder and plays back the conversation he just had. I like Vaughn much more when he's being a weasel. It almost gives him a personality.

Athens. Long shot of some white buildings. Inside of "Club Pantheras." Annoying electronica plays. Sydney enters, wearing a strappy fringey red dress, her red Marshall-made specs, and a fringey choppy wig. She tells Dixon on her headset that she needs another set of eyes. Dixon says he's working on it. Sydney and her outfit look pretty cute -- it helps that her hair's in her face -- but poor Dixon got stuck with Joey Lawrence's old wardrobe: an awful velvet button-down shirt and some leather pants. Whoa. Dixon bursts into the security room of the club and knocks out the guard. He tells Sydney that Secoulis is in the room to her left, through a bunch of mirrors. She looks up at the glass ceiling to see a bunch of hoochie mamas dancing over her.

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