The Confession

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The Confession

Sydney sits down. She's crying. Will sits across from her and asks what's wrong. Sydney starts to sob. Will sits beside her and puts an arm around her. She lies down on the couch, pulling Will with her. Will asks softly if she wants to tell him what's wrong. Sydney mutters that she just wants to stay there for a while. Will says, "Of course," and settles in. I have to hand it to Will; he managed to keep his mouth shut and be a good friend, for once.

SD-6. Slo-mo. Sydney enters and hands her dad a note. Her VO reads the note aloud and asks him for help in setting up the aforementioned mission.

Sloane's office. Jack enters and gives him the intell.

Conference room. Sloane gives Sydney her mission, crediting it to Jack's intell. Sydney says, "Good work," to Jack. His face is still all bruised and battered. My. That was mighty lame of Sydney. Way to give yourself away. All throughout, Sydney is a little too chipper and eager.

Crete. A lonely, windswept beach. Sydney watches Secoulis through some night-vision goggles from a hill. The beach looks really gorgeous, even with a huge weapons silo planted smack-dab in the middle of it like some nuclear zit. Sydney tells Vaughn and the rest of the CIA team that Secoulis is leaving. Sydney approaches the silo, and I start cracking up -- she is wearing the tightest possible one-piece camouflage jumpsuit I've ever seen. It's like a leftover from J. Lo's wardrobe when she was visiting the troops in Afghanistan, or from a military-themed Britney Spears video.

Vaughn tells Sydney she's clear. Sydney opens the door to the weapons silo and descends. She asks him for directions, and Vaughn directs her to "the package." It's very dark and very boring. Hassan feeds directions to Vaughn, and from there it goes to Sydney. My God. It is so the opposite of fascinating to describe. Essentially, Hassan feeds her the code, and she gains access to the inner sanctum. It's a big warehouse filled with boxes. Vaughn tells Sydney that Hassan says (sigh) to look for black shipping cases. Sydney heads toward the center of the room and starts opening packages. After a couple, she tells Vaughn, "I found the refractor," only to have the doorway start closing.

Sydney gasps, "Vaughn, I think this is a set-up!" as the room turns black. The light comes back on as she tells him that the entire room is going into lockdown. Vaughn snaps at Hassan, "What the hell did you just do?" Hassan tells him he gave her the wrong code, that Sydney actually has set off an anti-intruder device. The whole room will fill with gasoline, and one minute later a flame will ignite. Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Secoulis, who's been alerted to an intruder.

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