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Vegas, baby! VEGAS!

Dixon gets on the horn to Sydney and tells her that the guy Ewan Deux is talking to isn't just a "representative" of K-Directorate; it's the HEAD of K-Directorate himself. Sydney, who's basically IN the meeting at this point, tries to get even closer. Why? I don't know. Care? Not me. Head K-D thinks that one hundred mil is a mighty fine initial offer. Ewan Deux informs him that this offer ain't the beginning, it's the end. Head K-D tells Ewan Deux that the Rambaldi manuscript is priceless and therefore not up for sale. Ewan Deux counters that this final offer will expire in exactly sixty seconds. Head K-D smirks and asks if this is a joke. Ewan Deux starts counting down the seconds. Head K-D gets up and tells Ewan Deux to inform his employer that his time simply can't, and won't, be wasted like this. Ewan Deux just looks over at his henchman, who pulls a gun and shoots Head K-D dead.

"Congratulations, Comrade Kessna," Ewan Deux says to one of the two remaining K-D guys. "You have just inherited control of the indestructible K-Directorate. You have also inherited what I hope is, by now, a very simple decision. The offer still stands. Unfortunately, you only have twenty seconds to decide." Kessna takes a seat and declares that they have an agreement. Ewan Deux smiles and says his employer will be very pleased to hear this. Sydney -- who by now is actually sitting on Kessna's LAP, she's so damn close -- tries to get EVEN CLOSER. Of course, in doing so, she flakes off a portion of the crumbling building and basically announces her presence with authority to the guard standing below. He starts shooting at her and she starts spiraling around and Ewan Deux's henchman starts shooting at her and, you know, all Hades breaks loose.

Will she make it out alive?

Next week on Alias: Sydney makes it out alive. Oh, and Lois Lame may bite the dust. Wheee...

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