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Vegas, baby! VEGAS!

This rogue group may actually have amassed enough of the Rambaldi artifacts to figure out just what Rambaldi was ultimately working on before SD-6 does. "Oh," stutters Marshall, "yeah, that does suck." Hee. You know, it would be so awesome if what Rambaldi was ultimately working on was, like, a phone company that doesn't charge you for local calls over fifteen miles or a light beer that has fewer than ten calories and doesn't taste like snake pee. Seriously. I'm all about the Amstel Light but, you know, I'd much rather have a Sierra Nevada, when everything's said and done. Speaking of beer...

Right. So, anyway, Spy Daddy announces that the group claiming responsibility for the attacks on FTL and SD-6 has contacted the heads of K-Directorate and proposed a meeting to discuss the sharing of Rambaldi technology. Sloane brings up a picture of a guy named Brandon Dahlgren. Dahlgren lives year-round in a penthouse at the Regal Casino in Vegas, and he just happens to be a go-between for K-Directorate. He also just happens to be expecting a phone call detailing the time and location of the K-Directorate/Rogue Squadron meeting. "This is information that we need," finishes Sloane. No, really? Damn, this was a long set-up sequence. Lots of information and gobbledy-gook. My head already hurts. Get to the-ass kicking already, okay?

Dixon's on point and Syd's on comps. No idea what they're talking about, but it sounds kinda cool, don't it? Dixon's going in as some Jamaican dude named Buchanan who's expected in Vegas next week. Whatever. All this means is that Dixon gets to wear a funny Rasta wig and will be flagged as a VIP, which will allow him to gamble in the private casino with Dahlgren. Dixon's prime objective is to exchange a ring that Dahlgren wears for an exact duplicate with an implanted bug. Yawn. Are we done yet? Can I start getting wickedly drunk now?

Dammit. No. Sloane calls the meeting over and asks Syd to stay behind. "Is everything okay?" Syd asks. "That's funny," says Sloane. "I was just about to ask you the same question." Again, Ron Rifkin manages to be both creepy/scary and cool/sexy. I really don't know how he does that. Sloane mentions that he had a conversation with Spy Daddy about Syd's mother. "He told you that she was KGB," he says. "I'm sorry." Syd manages to assure him that it's okay. Sloane goes on to say how much he appreciates everything Syd did during the incident. "Every person here owes you their life," he says. Syd looks at Sloane with an expression that just barely suggests that she wishes he didn't owe her his life, and then asks how his finger is faring. He tells her it'll heal nicely, and then escorts her out of the conference room. The entire SD-6 staff is waiting just outside, and they applaud Syd for her acts of bravery. Sloane just smiles kindly at her. Again, creepy/scary and cool/sexy. Yes, I have issues.

"I felt sick," says Syd in a VO. "All those people standing there, patriots, believing they work for the U.S. government, none of them realizing the information they gather is being used by heartless men like Arvin Sloane." Yeah, we get it, Syd. They're all good, kind people who are being duped by that bastard Sloane. Been there. Done that. Moving on.

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