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The Frame

Lauren ducks into another part of the restaurant to call Sark. There's an extended shot of the painting in the background, and I just spent about thirty minutes trying to figure out the name of the painting, hoping it would provide some speculatory fun, but I didn't have any luck. If any Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters know, tell the rest of us! Lauren tells Sark that they have a problem. Cut to Lauren meeting Sark in a parking garage. It seems like putting surveillance cameras in parking garages could solve many of the world's intelligence problems. Sark asks Lauren if she's been made, and Lauren replies, "Of course not." I hope she would have told him that before meeting with him in person. Then again, she is the worst spy ever. When informed of the break-up, Sark snarks, "Well, he's obviously grown tired of you. Perhaps because of another woman?" I love how Sark always looks slightly amused. I need to cultivate that. Lauren is sure her spying can continue without her marriage. Sark isn't so sure, and wants her to keep Vaughn close. Sark tells Lauren that the last time Syd and Vaughn nearly got together, Vaughn went back to his girlfriend Alice when her father died. Therefore, he wants Lauren to kill her father. I wish I were making that up. That's his logical plan? This, the man of a thousand escapes? He's going to kill Lauren's dad just to keep Vaughn close? I hope it comes out later that Sark had ulterior motives. Lauren refuses to kill her father, and Sark reminds her that she killed his father, Lazarey, without a second thought. Lauren says that Sark ordered her to kill Lazarey. That's new information, right? Lauren is still not on the daddy-killing train.

Oops Center. Jack sits at a terminal and accesses Lauren's records, then prints them out. Just then, Lauren walks by, and Jack stares at her, thinking. Go, Jack!

Jack goes to visit Senator Reed in his hotel suite. Mrs. Reed (played by Peggy "Mod Squad" Lipton, looking fabulous) welcomes him in. Mrs. Reed makes small talk about how important the CIA's work is, and how they're lucky to have Lauren. Jack lies and agrees. Senator Reed walks in and politicobabbles about funding. Olivia (formerly Mrs. Reed) says she has to go give a speech, and reminds Senator Reed to take his pill. I turn to my husband and say that either Peggy Lipton is a terrible actress, or Olivia is heavily medicated, or something weird is going on. I swear, I really said that.

Jack announces that he has a paper trail that represents what he and Dixon think points to the existence of a mole. Jack hands the Senator a file, and Reed asks if it's someone besides Sloane. Jack says Sloane could also be involved, but it's currently unclear. Senator Reed smarms, "Is it that hard to identify a traitor? Honestly, sometimes I think you people just get too close." Jack just stares at him like, "Dude, just open the file, because in a minute, you're going to feel like a complete ass. And by the end of the episode, you'll feel like a dead ass." But I'm getting ahead of myself. Reed flips open the file and sees Lauren's picture, and says he doesn't understand. Jack says her actions were unauthorized by the CIA or the NSC. Reed points out that covert ops sometimes go unrecorded. Jack says that sixty percent of the flights listed coincide with verifiable dates and locations where Covenant activity occurred. Wow, is Lauren dumb or what? And again, it makes everyone else look dumb that she didn't get caught earlier. Reed snaps the files shut and insists, "My daughter is a committed public servant who, despite my objections, insisted on service because she felt the responsibility to give back to her country." Which country? England? Wasn't she raised there? Jack says he knows it's difficult, but Reed angrily says that Lauren is "a patriot," and he won't allow Jack to ruin her reputation based on "innuendo and supposition." Jack deadpans that his findings are preliminary. He stands and tells Reed that the contents of the file are duplicates, and to call if he has any questions "after reviewing them more thoroughly." That was totally Jack's way of telling Reed that he needs to look at the evidence instead of being a reactionary jackass.

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