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The Frame

Bomani tells Sark to go somewhere (it sounded like he said Vienna, but that can't be right) and get everything ready. Bomani will meet him there, and they'll retrieve the key. Sark agrees. Bomani pulls out a gun and shoots the technician who was assisting them with the mapping. Sark, halfway out the door, turns back and arches, "Well, that was extravagant." Bomani says that he trusts no one, and Sark should remember that. Sark looks like he just threw up a little bit in his mouth.

Vaughn and Sydney find the vault holding the map. Syd busts open the door with some sort of charge, and Weiss tells them that they set off a silent alarm. Bomani gets a call and informs Sark that someone is there. Vaughn grabs the map just as Bomani and Sark enter the room, guns blazing. Syd and Vaughn narrowly escape through a door, and toss some furniture in front of it to slow Sark and Bomani down. Syd reenters the party via a balcony, surveying the floor below, but then an armed guard starts spraying bullets her way. The partygoers duck and cover. Vaughn gives Syd his gun, and Syd fires double-fisted back at the guard, John-Woo-style. Vaughn uses the bunting (shout-out to Sars?) to fashion a swing, and he and Syd go flying off the balcony. As she's holding onto Vaughn in mid-air, Syd manages to shoot two rounds into a guard's chest. Sark and Bomani run up, moments too late. Sark says that they have the map, and Bomani sniffs, "We'll get them." Awesome. Except for Syd's wig, that sequence was cool.

Syd, Vaughn, and Weiss are flying home, and they have the crystal map thingy. Syd says that the Covenant may have already figured out how to read the map, and even if the CIA figures it out, Bomani might get there first. Weiss says that Dixon forwarded a photo of the crystal to Project Black Hole, and offers to call and see if they can read it. Weiss might as well have said, "Let me think of some excuse to leave you two alone for a moment or two so that, later, we can break viewers' hearts once again." Once Weiss is gone, Vaughn blurts out, "Lauren and I are separating." Well, don't beat around the bush. Syd tries not to look happy. Vaughn adds that he'll be sleeping on Weiss's couch when they get home. Syd looks at Vaughn like, "How am I supposed to respond to this, exactly?" but instead she carefully asks, "Are you sure that's what you want?" Vaughn says firmly, "It is."

Oops Center. Lauren logs in to her terminal and notices the date and time of her last successful login -- which was Jack's doing. She types something in and gets a list of people who logged into her server. Why wouldn't Jack use Lauren's ID to get in? Lauren stalks over to some poor IT guy and gets him to look up the mysterious user ID she found in the list. The IT guy tells her that the records are sealed, but Lauren claims she has clearance. The IT guy reveals that the ID belongs to Jack. Lauren heads to her favorite stairwell, where she calls Sark and tells him that Jack accessed her files. She adds that her "intrusion detection software" caught it. Man, my IT guy at work won't even let me install ICQ! Sark asks what Jack was looking for. Lauren says he checked out her travel itinerary, rental car receipts, and the like. Lauren whispers that she can't risk being exposed. Sark says plain as day, "Well, then I strongly suggest you reconsider eliminating your father." Aren't they worried that someone might hear them? Can't they speak in cool code words like, "I strongly suggest you reconsider icing the Birdman." I don't know. Lauren asks how that will help her situation, and Sark says that they can associate Reed with the security breaches. At first, I thought Sark said that they can associate Reed with the britches, and "britches" is a funny word, so I laughed. Sark asks Lauren if she has a better idea, and Lauren is silent, so Sark says that they're agreed on the matter. Lauren pouts slightly, as you do when you've just agreed to murder your father. I guess.

In Marshall's office, he explains to Syd, Vaughn, and Dixon how the map works. Basically, it's a kaleidoscope, so you have to look at it through a long tube. Dixon says that there are actually three crystals, and all are required to read the map. Before, Sloane had only collected two. So I guess they don't have to worry about Bomani finding the location of the keys. Well, as far as they know. Lauren will obviously tell the Covenant. Marshall flips a switch and projects a topographical map on a screen. Syd asks if they know where the location is, and Marshall says that he ran a bunch of software scans, but couldn't find a match, even after adjusting for erosion, natural disaster, and suchlike.

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