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The Frame

As soon as they are out of the cave, Marshall picks them back up on the radar screen. Syd and Vaughn struggle to swim to the surface while I squirm and cover my eyes because I have recurring nightmares about trying to swim to the surface and not making it in time. Brrr. It freaks me out just to think about it. But Syd and Vaughn do make it, as you knew they would.

Syd and Vaughn are in the plane, heading home. Vaughn reports that there's no sign of Bomani at all. Syd adds, "And he took the key to the Passenger with him." Yes. We get it. We saw him take the key. We heard Syd tell Vaughn that he took the key. Did we really need a third reminder? Syd looks like she wants to say something else, stops herself, and then forges ahead: "I am sad for you. For you and Lauren, that you have to go through this. But I'm also hopeful. That's what scares me." Vaughn and Syd stare at each other, and Vaughn says that he understands. Syd looks like she was hoping he'd say more, but Vaughn just looks down. Finally, he asks, "When we get home, you wanna get a cup of coffee?" I hope by "coffee," he means "sex." Syd and her giant ears nod.

Oops Center. Dixon meets with Lauren and extends his condolences, adding that he's arranged grief counseling and a leave of absence for her, if she wants them. Lauren hands him a piece of paper and explains that it's her letter of resignation, because her actions violated her oath and Dixon's trust. Dixon says that her behavior was unacceptable, but it's understandable, because she followed her father's instructions. Jack knocks, and Dixon motions him in. Lauren gets this look on her face like, "Oh, shit. Here comes Mr. Doubting Thomas." Dixon says that many of them have suffered tragedy, and when it happens, they pull together. He tells Lauren that he won't accept her resignation. Lauren sighs, relieved, and excuses herself to "go find [her] husband." As soon as she's gone, Jack asks Dixon if the forensics checked out. Dixon says that they did, and Reed's official cause of death is suicide. Dixon asks if Jack accepts that. Jack says he has no reason not to, and adds that they probably have to let Sloane go. Dixon hands Jack a file and says, "Not necessarily." Jack reads it and immediately looks at Dixon, shocked.

Syd and Vaughn walk into the Oops Center. They spot everyone crowded around Lauren, who has her back to them. Weiss is comforting Lauren, and he tries to give Vaughn a look to let him know something is up. Lauren turns, holding a tissue to her mouth and trying to look upset. Syd watches as Weiss delivers the news to Vaughn. Vaughn immediately walks over to his wife, and Syd just has to watch as they embrace. Lauren totally looks at Syd over Vaughn's shoulder like, "HA-ha!" I hope when Jack takes Lauren down, he gives Syd the opportunity to get a few licks in as well.

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